Applying Predictive Models to Reduce Readmissions, Improve Patient Care, and Save Lives


E78 Staff

E78 Staff

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The Client

This large not-for-profit organization and leading provider of healthcare services in Texas, aimed to convert growing volumes of data into valuable, actionable insights. They managed diverse forms of information, including physician notes, registration forms, discharge summaries, and echocardiograms, serving an 11-county population of 1.8 million people. 

Unstructured Data Challenge

This major healthcare provider faced the challenge of organizing years of physician information into a structured format to enhance overall healthcare services. The abundance of unstructured content made it difficult for the organization to analyze and utilize the data effectively, often leading to critical information being overlooked. By leveraging this valuable information, the organization could gain population-specific clinical and operational insights, leading to reduced high-cost readmissions, lower mortality rates, and improved patient quality of life through early interventions. 

They faced three major roadblocks:

  • More than 80% of the company’s data was unstructured
  • The information resided in disparate medical documents
  • Traditional analysis was too difficult and resource intensive; in addition, it was poorly defined, executed, and governed  

The Outcome

By leveraging predictive models, the E78 team swiftly converted raw information into valuable healthcare insights for our client. This enabled them to predict readmission candidates and implement effective mitigation strategies. Our team was able to demonstrate significant improvements in healthcare outcomes and cost savings. We achieved an impressive 11% decrease in the mortality rate compared to the previous year. Additionally, our solutions led to an annual savings of $1.5 million for the organization. Furthermore, we successfully reduced the readmission rate by 7%, further enhancing the quality of patient care. The client now has the ability to identify trends and patterns in patient care and outcomes, uncovering hidden correlations and disparities within years of medical records. 

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