E78 Partners Acquires Profit Enhancement Systems

OAK BROOK, Ill., July 5, 2022 – E78 Partners, a leading provider of finance, accounting and technology solutions for the Office of the CFO and private equity firms, announced today that it has acquired Profit Enhancement Systems (PES), a technology-enabled managed service provider with nearly 30 years’ experience optimizing and managing cloud, mobility and infrastructure costs.  “PES has […]

Going Big and Coming Up Short

In the private equity industry, investors and other stakeholders are increasingly demanding better service and greater transparency. Unfortunately, PE managers are finding it hard to get both—let alone one—from the biggest and best-known administrators. In some cases, they had decided to play it safe and went with the familiar, an issue we discussed in “Private […]

“New Normal” for Healthcare, Great Opportunity for Stand-Alone Medical Offices

The events of the past several months have led many in the healthcare space to rethink their business models and strategies. This is especially true for the owners of stand-alone practices, which have faced challenging conditions on both the clinical and clerical sides of their operations. In many cases, revenues and expenses have each been […]

Private Equity Funds: Outsourcing to Growth

Recent developments have driven home the need to have operational processes that are both adaptable and sustainable. Consequently, while there are advantages to keeping certain functions in house, this could also mean you don’t have sufficient backup, especially when it is needed most. If critical staff are out of the office or dealing with other […]

Element78 Advisors is now E78 Partners

Following a string of strategic acquisitions and award-winning growth in recent years, Element78 Advisors and its affiliates have rebranded as E78 Partners (“E78”). A leading provider of tailored accounting, finance and technology solutions that reduce risk and drive value creation for private equity firms, portfolio companies, and private corporations, E78 has updated its moniker to […]

DSOs: The Downsides of Centralization

The dental profession has been dramatically transformed by the rapid growth of dental service organizations. DSOs provide business management and clerical support to the practices they affiliate with, enabling dentists to focus on servicing patients. Dentists also benefit from economies of scale in controlling overhead, negotiating with payers, and purchasing office equipment and technology. One […]

Still in Good Health(care)

The real estate industry has been hit hard by COVID-19, hurt by widespread fears about the disease and measures aimed at halting its spread. But not all sectors have been equally affected. Hospitality and retail, in particular, have borne the brunt, slammed by stay-at-home mandates and restrictions on travel. Many office-related categories have also suffered, […]

Accounting for the Times

The fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has created considerable uncertainty in the commercial real estate industry, both about current conditions and prospects going forward. This is especially true where investors and managers have limited information about their firm’s finances. Many are flying blind, speculating on where things are rather than knowing for sure. Unfortunately, while […]

DSOs: Disrupting the Disruptors

The DSO – dental service organization – industry was going strong before COVID-19 struck, with many believing it was immune to cyclical forces and big-picture events. But things have changed. Stay-at-home mandates, social-distancing restrictions, and other measures aimed at limiting the spread of the disease have had a far-reaching impact on DSOs and their dentist […]