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Expertise in DSO-specific finance, accounting and technology solutions

We support dental service organizations back office operations and practice integrations

E78 is a national leader in the back office management of dental service organizations (“DSO”) with solutions that streamline critical business processes that ensure ongoing successful financial and technical operations throughout the DSO’s life cycle.


In particular, we support private equity sponsors and DSO leadership teams by providing business process outsourcing solutions, such as accounting, finance, and technology roadmaps that the DSO needs to meet its obligations to its providers, patients, and investment partners.  E78 Partners’ tailored solutions are designed to safeguard DSO assets, mitigate operational risks and deliver timely, accurate and insightful financial information to key stakeholders to make better business decisions.  Our integration playbook is designed to seamlessly integrate follow on acquisitions throughout the investment lifecycle.

We have the industry’s best people, and technology solutions

E78 is unmatched at the architecture and implementation of an effective technology platform for DSOs. We identify the most appropriate software partners based on your specific needs and goals, weighing each resource’s capabilities, scalability, integration potential and more. Then, we rapidly structure a technology environment that connects all critical business functions in a singular, seamless whole.


The end result is a robust technology platform that functions as a purpose-built interface that delivers control at every point in your operation, with key metrics, critical insights and essential data available at a glance, when and where you need it. 
Case Studies 

E78 Partners has an established track record driving meaningful, measurable results for medical service organizations, with a special emphasis on DSOs. Our solutions have significantly enhanced per-physician revenue, operating margins, operational footprints and EBIDTA, among other key metrics. 

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    Pre-close support

    We offer a broad suite of professional services to address your entire range of pre-close needs, including:
    • Deal structure – Developing an integration playbook and management office to efficiently integrate acquired practices by centralizing treasury and A/P, onboarding new employees, training staff, establishing PPA/OBS, remapping COA and integrating QOE

    • Treasury Management – Centralizing banking with practice accounts set up as Zero Balance Accounts, then sweeping those ZBAs to parent account for disbursements

    • Payroll – Partnering with your payroll service provider to establish an efficient reporting hierarchy

    • Insurance & Benefits – Evaluating affiliate relationships, reporting requirements, insurance and 401(k) plans to ensure compliance with the Department of Labor and IRS

    • Vendor Management – Reviewing each practice’s vendor list and establishing a coding framework for recording transactions to the sub-ledger; documenting SOPs to centralize A/P

    • General Ledger – Implementing cloud-based, enterprise-grade GL software to accommodate standalone financial statements, statements by practice and consolidated statements in accordance with GAAP
    Post-close support

    Whether you currently operate a DSO or are in the foundation process and seek a partner capable of managing your growth in the years to come, E78 offers practical, proven experience you can count on to optimize a wide range of essential functions:
    • Accounting – Systems and structure to generate a full range of GAAP compliant financials, establish policies and procedures, promote audit readiness (cash-to-accrual) and facilitate audit and tax preparation and execution

    • Financial Planning & Analysis – A full complement of FP&A services, including planning and budgeting, cashflow planning, management and performance reporting, forecasting, modeling, mapping the general ledger to financial reports and preparation of monthly business reports for management, sponsors and lenders

    • Data Strategy – Analysis of the current state of operations and solutions implementation to enable efficient data flow across all systems, supporting KPI tracking and performance management

    • IT Support – We feature a gold-standard technology stack comprised of today’s most robust, well-regarding technology platforms – cloud-based systems that deliver accurate, on-demand data via intuitive-yet-sophisticated dashboards and reporting

    • Business Intelligence – Advanced modeling, predictive and prescriptive analytics and other methods to evaluate data and generate a clearer vision of your organization’s position and prospects.

    Why E78 Partners?

    Beyond what we offer, there’s an equally important reason to consider E78 as your partner in DSO professional services: Who we are.



    Our own leadership is made up of proven private equity professionals and entrepreneurs, and we’ve used that deep, personal experience to develop a proprietary playbook that operators can count on to address their issues, overcome their challenges and deliver on their value creation goals.



    We align the three most important elements to accelerate and enhance your ability to grow revenue and build value: the right people to achieve the results you expect, the right processes to optimize your performance and the right systems to deliver complete command of your data. 

    Let’s grow together

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