E78 Partners delivers experienced professionals, best-practices, and expertise to specific industries and company lifestages.

Growth Stage Companies

The business has found its path and is ready to grow. But, being ready for growth is only the beginning.

You’ve worked hard to transform your ideas into action and are ready to take your business to the next level. At this juncture, you must ensure you have the operational, financial and technology resources required to sustain the upward momentum. To do this, you need to partner with professionals who have successfully dealt with the demands of running a growing business and have a long history of delivering bottom-line results.

At E78 Partners, the members of our team have been where you are and understand what lies ahead. We are seasoned entrepreneurs and trusted advisers with the skill sets necessary to leverage your strengths, build on your business model, optimize your infrastructure, and help you avoid the costly missteps that can lead you astray. With our custom-tailored solutions, your vision of the future can become tomorrow’s reality.

Services included

● CFO Services
● Controller Oversight
● Transactional Processing
● Control Infrastructure
● Real-Time Reporting
● Analytics
● Budgeting & Forecasting
● Board Reporting
● Integrated Software and Data Analytics
● Business and Technology Strategies

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