Finance and accounting outsourcing solutions

E78 delivers the people, processes and technology privately held companies need to accelerate time to value.

We work with a range of industry-leading firms.

Providing greater financial visibility and improved operational scalability to institutionally backed businesses.

Our proprietary mix of subject matter experts, a proven approach and best-in-class software solutions combine to offer you a more robust, modern and strategic finance function.

  • PE & VC investors

    The E78 Partners leadership team have experience as CFOs of funds and have spent their careers managing the sponsor/management team relationship.

  • CEOs

    CEOs who retain E78 finance and accounting services gain valuable time back in their days to focus on driving business growth and meeting strategic objectives.

  • CFOs

    We deliver a custom suite of middle and back-office services to CFOs of institutionally backed companies, affording them more time to work strategically.

A turnkey solution for optimizing the finance and accounting functions.



Finance as a Service is revolutionizing the finance and accounting functions. E78 offers three ingredients that support daily operations, accelerate growth and ensure scalability.

  • People

    A team of experienced professionals who have expertise on both sides of the sponsor/management team relationship and understand the challenges you face.

  • Process

    Proven processes that are designed to discover the root cause of finance and accounting challenges, pinpoint opportunities and then implement the right solutions in the right way.

  • Technology

    Scalable technology solutions from industry-leading partners that, when implemented by our team of experts, deliver the insights you need to grow your business and meet your objectives.

Our Finance as a Service solution

Core services

  • Controller-level compliance & reporting

    In addition to providing day-to-day accounting support, we can provide substantial and meaningful insights and timely reporting to drive strategic decision-making and ensure scalable success.
  • Transactional bookkeeping

    We provide outsourced services for everything from monthly financial statements to day-to-day services such as accounts payable/receivable, employee expenses, management reporting and statutory reporting and audit readiness.

Add-on services

  • Financial planning & analysis

    Our experienced team works with you to uncover the financial insights you need to move forward strategically.
  • Strategic CFO support

    Tailored, project-based support when you need it, designed to give you more time back in your day to focus on strategic initiatives and business growth.

FaaS drives a new perspective on finance & accounting.

Our trusted technology partners enable us to deliver a new level of insight and control with regards to the finance function.

Each software solution we implement is designed to grow with you—providing sponsors, leaders and business operators alike access to detailed reporting and dashboards.

  • Profitability insights for investors

    • High-level financial insights to support portfolio monitoring
  • Key performance indicators for CFOs

    • Financial statements & reports
    • AR & AP insights
    • Cash & payments management
    • Intuitive dashboards & KPI tracking
    • Revenue & spending reports
  • Key business insights for operators

    • Spending summaries for department heads
    • Vendor and employee expense management

We begin by understanding your finance & accounting needs.

Our lead-to-launch discovery process begins with an in-depth introductory call and continues with ongoing maintenance and optimization.

  • 1


    Each engagement starts with a comprehensive review of the firm’s existing F&A function. We analyze corporate performance, develop an improvement plan and establish a baseline.

  • 2


    We develop and implement our strategic plan, incorporating budget review and alignment and talent evaluation.

  • 3


    E78 Partners performs all appropriate finance and accounting functions, including banking, vendor/client payments, payroll, money management and more.

  • 4


    We develop and present clear, structured reporting, provide insight for ongoing performance and track against clear metrics and benchmarks.

  • 5


    Our team projects ongoing performance, identifies addressable strengths and weaknesses and builds a measurable action plan.

Client successes

Our Finance as a Service platform provides innovative new ways for sponsors and management teams alike to optimize their finance function and optimize their strategic advantage.

“E78 has been a catalyst for our growth and our ability to manage performance through KPIs and business analytics. They have been true partners and instrumental to our success.”

—Jordan DiNola, Chief Operating Officer, South Georgia Dental Management

E78 Partners’ finance & accounting outsourcing solutions provide financial clarity and operational scalability.