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Paul Budak

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Unlocking Synergy: Institutionalizing Integration for Middle-Market Firms

Our Approach

We have not only helped numerous clients with this process, but we have also undergone this journey ourselves as a PE-backed platform. Our own playbooks have been perfected over time and serve as a guide to our clients as they navigate the planning, building, and deployment of our capabilities. Our clients’ top priority is Value Creation, and when discussing integration management, we emphasize our focus on refining metrics that drive value creation.




Our talented team has the experience required to drive value creation for your organization.




We have refined our playbooks, which now serve as valuable guides for our clients as they navigate the buy and build process.




Cutting-edge technology is essential for providing seamless integration management services for our clients.

Integration Management Service Offerings

Workstream Management Services

Organizations seeking a well-organized process to manage the numerous steps and workload associated with new integrations can benefit from our workstream management services. By leveraging our proprietary PMO methodology and digitized playbooks, we meticulously manage acquisition onboarding, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition for our clients.

If you need to organize a process to manage all the steps and workload of a new integration.
We will work through our proprietary PMO methodology backed by our digitized playbooks to rigorously manage acquisition onboarding.

Change Management Services

Organizations looking to transition from their prior operating model to a new one can benefit from our change management services. Utilizing our proprietary PMO methodology, "Batch Sprinting," and supported by our digitized playbooks, we facilitate a smooth and efficient shift to the new operating model, ensuring optimal performance and integration.

If you need to transition from prior operating model to new operating model.
We will work through our proprietary PMO methodology “Batch Sprinting” backed by our digitized playbooks.

Platform Development Services

Organizations in need of retooling their platform capabilities for seamless integration of new acquisitions can rely on our platform development services. We offer best-in-class functional playbooks that ensure platform capabilities are specifically designed to facilitate smooth and efficient integration, enhancing overall business performance.

If you need to retool platform capabilities to allow seamless integration of new acquisitions.
We provide best-in-class functional playbooks that ensure that platform capabilities are designed for integration.

Performance Tracking Services

Organizations seeking to comprehend the value captured from synergies can benefit from our performance tracking services. We systematically monitor all synergies and evaluate the acquisition net promoter score, ensuring optimal outcomes and continuous improvement in the integration process.

If you need to understand the value captured from synergies.
Our approach involves methodically monitoring all synergies and evaluating the acquisition net promoter score to ensure optimal outcomes and continuous improvement.

Ready to institutionalize integration as a system for maximum synergy realization?

We purposely designed our solutions as a key element to your success.

E78 has been a catalyst for our growth and our ability to manage performance through KPIs and business analytics. They have been true partners and instrumental to our success.

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