Change Management Services

Change Management Services

Our proprietary PMO methodology and digitized playbooks ensure a smooth transition to a new operating model.

We understand that transitioning from a prior operating model to a new one can be challenging for private equity firms and their portfolio companies. That’s why we offer comprehensive Change Management Services that help to ensure a smooth transition to a new operating model. 

Our proprietary Project Management Office (PMO) methodology, called Batch Sprinting, is designed to streamline the change management process. This methodology focuses on breaking down the transition into manageable “batches,” allowing for greater visibility and control over the process. Our digitized playbooks support this methodology, providing detailed instructions and templates for each batch. 

Our experienced team works closely with our clients to identify the key areas of change and to develop a customized change management plan that addresses each area. We then work through each batch, providing guidance and support to ensure that each milestone is reached successfully. 

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