E78 Professional Services Performance Management Module

In partnership with Workday Adaptive Planning, E78 has pre-designed industry-specific templates that are proven in use. 

Your professional service firm's future is being defined in this moment. ?

From healthcare to manufacturing we support an array of industries and can customize any dashboard to fit each industries particular and unique requirements.

Healthcare Services

Dental Service Organizations

Business & Industrial Services

Manufacturing & Distribution

The question

Are you defining it accurately?

Strong headwinds have battered the professional services industry. It’s critical to maintain high performance and change on a dime. Instant visibility and accurate data are at the heart of staying best-in-class.

The problem

Excel-based reporting no longer works.

While Excel-based reporting was once satisfactory, it no longer works for fast-changing, hybrid businesses. Manual reporting takes too long, lacks integration, and data can be missed in the tradeoff to complete time critical reports. This leads to error-prone analysis—and decision risks that your business cannot bear.

One decision could change your firm's future

De-risk the choice

The E78 Professional Services Performance Management Module is pre-designed with industry-specific templates proven-in-use, providing confidence that your investment, resources, and time to market are optimized.

Unlock fast value

Nowadays no one has months, weeks or even days to wait for analysis. With E78 you can do scenario planning on the fly and evaluate what-if questions with assured, accurate data.

Remove the guesswork

E78 offers the fastest way to model what-if scenarios or reforecast at any moment with data accuracy you can trust.

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