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Technology Solutions

Empower technology to be the powerful force behind growing your business.

Technology Solutions

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, technology represents both an opportunity and a threat. Working with the right tools and vendors helps ensure you have the data you need to optimize decision-making, helps turn prospects and possibilities into customers and profits, and helps boost efficiency at every level. But when critical elements are not functioning as intended or you’ve outgrown your existing systems and capabilities, it can create serious financial and reputational risks for your customers and your business.

At E78 Partners, our consultative approach to technology and vendor selection is a blend of the science of best practices and the art of gathering in-depth knowledge of your business needs and culture. We work with you to develop the appropriate strategy for your situation, help you understand what elements drive productivity and which are causing costly delays, and deliver solutions that are aligned with your long- and short-term objectives.

Equally important, our team of experienced and knowledgeable experts reviews and evaluates the robustness of your technology infrastructure and cybersecurity strategy to identify critical vulnerabilities and security concerns. We then work with you to develop risk-reduction and other remediation measures and implement a strategy designed to identify, assess, and continuously monitor compliance with policies and standards ad mitigate the impact of cybersecurity breaches.

Our approach includes:

  • Developing the right strategy for your situation
  • Assessing your technology infrastructure and ensuring it is aligned with your needs and objectives
  • Evaluating technology risks, identifying cybersecurity threats, and developing workable remediation plans

Whether you are a first time fund or have decades of investment success, our team will work as an extension of yours to deliver back office solutions and industry expertise, while you deliver superior returns.

Our team includes former fund auditors, transaction service professionals, and fund financial officers, bringing an extensive understanding of our clients’ businesses. We take on your back office functions from capital tracking, to investor portal maintenance and administration, to fund accounting and investor reporting and communications.

Our offerings include:

● Bookkeeping and fund accounting
● Financial reporting
● Portfolio Company Valuations
● Investor relations and communications
● Investor Portal
● Audit Liaison
● Treasury support
● Network Support


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