Case Study

Leading national DSO attains $150M and more than a 3.0x MOIC in less than 3 years



In this case study, learn how we assisted US Endo Partners, a leading endodontic dental support organization, in reaching $150 million in annual revenue, a 2,966% increase in valuation, and over a 3.0x MOIC in less than three years, adding significant value across the portfolio.

The Situation

Chicago-based private equity firm sought to establish a specialty dental services organization that would support individually owned endodontist practices across the United States. The vision was to build a national premier network of growth-minded clinicians who would collaborate to advance their specialties and create better outcomes for their patients, partners, and teams. 

In this case study learn how:

  • The DSO was able to tackle the critical back-office services in a scalable way.
  • Finance and accounting support was provided by establishing a baselined,  analyzing corporate performance, and developing an improvement plan.
  • A PEO with a national payroll and benefits administrator was stood up.
  • A white-glove technology practice was implemented to help meet compliance standards and mitigate risks.


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