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Private Equity: Challenges & Opportunities

As inflation rises, private equity funds face several immediate challenges within the macro environment. Understanding the impact of inflation should be a top priority, followed by value-added transformation agendas and management teams delivering both short-term results and long-term visions. Other challenges include increased competition, a high volume of deals, portfolio diversification, accelerated due diligence and post-merger integration, and driving alpha through productivity, operational efficiency, and scale.

E78 Partners’ financial sponsor coverage group is dedicated to serving private equity firms and their portfolio companies with a specialized, senior-led team. We offer end-to-end support throughout the transaction lifecycle, from thesis development, validation, and assessment to transaction and post-merger integration execution, value creation, and exit.

Utilizing an industry-centric approach, along with data-driven insights and operational expertise, we collaborate closely with sponsors and management teams to increase enterprise value and mitigate risk. With our roots deeply planted in private equity, our culture and values emphasize delivering quantifiable outcomes that yield substantial and enduring positive effects for our clients.

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Private Equity is in our DNA.

Established in 2016 by former private equity professionals, E78 Partners has assembled an array of products and solutions explicitly tailored to empower the Office of the CFO and CIO in becoming strategic allies to their CEOs and financial sponsors.

Optimize deal value through strategic alignment and cohesive buy-side assistance.

New Platform Investments
  • Mergers and Integration Planning
  • IT and Operational Due Diligence
  • Transaction Modeling, Analysis and Support
  • M&A Tax Planning

Attain early success by tackling essential leadership, financial, operational, and integration requirements at the onset of the investment.

Transitioning from founder-owned to PE-backed
  • 100-day plan execution
  • Post-merger integration execution
  • Interim leadership
  • Back-office standup
  • Finance as a Service (FaaS)
  • Data and systems assessment
  • Purchase accounting/opening balance sheet
  • Audit readiness
  • Working capital true-up

Enhance performance and value creation by implementing finance and technology transformations to increase transparency and provide visibility through data-driven insights.

Simultaneously, optimize the value of add-on acquisitions by developing merger and integration capabilities.

Platform Capability Development
and Optimization
  • Close process improvement
  • FP&A capability development
  • Treasury management
  • Technology enablement (AI, ERP, EPM, Data and Analytics, and RPA)
  • SG&A cost management solutions
  • Supply chain optimization
Execute platform add-on acquisitions
  • Integrate add-on acquisitions
  • Carve-outs and divestitures
  • Separation preparedness/TSA advisory
  • Quality of Earnings Lite
  • IT and Operational due diligence
  • Transaction tax implications
  • Purchase accounting / opening balance sheet
  • IMO capability development

Mitigate the risk of the exit process consuming excessive time and resources, potentially limiting valuable opportunities.

Maximize exit value with the help of E78 Partners’ sell-side readiness support.

Execute exit strategy
  • Sell-side health check
  • Sell-side quality of earnings lite
  • Data room and closing schedule support
  • IPO readiness

[E78's] strong domain expertise, senior-led and experienced teams, and comprehensive suite of back-office services and technology enabled solutions are the main reasons why we chose to work with them.

Dan Davis

Managing Director

Why E78 Partners:

We bring a private equity background and mindset to the table.

As one of the fastest growing consulting firms in the industry, private equity constitutes about two-third of our entire business, serving both private equity sponsors and private equity-backed management teams. Our consultants operate nationally and offer vital services throughout the investment lifecycle, from pre-acquisition to post-acquisition value creation and exit preparedness. The depth of our expertise in finance and technology is instrumental in delivering data-driven insights to key decision-makers, empowering them to make well-informed choices around their business and add-on investments. E78 Partners stands as your trusted ally for success, providing unmatched support and guidance.

Utilizing an industry-centric approach.

Our industry-centric approach underscores the significance of having specific expertise in each sector. At E78 Partners, we assemble a diverse team of seasoned C-suite leaders, industry specialists, and top-tier advisors, ensuring that our knowledge and experience are aligned with the unique needs and challenges faced by your organization. This focused expertise allows us to develop customized, highly effective strategies and solutions tailored to drive success in your industry.

Data-driven insights and operational expertise.

At E78 Partners, we prioritize the efficient transfer of data-driven insights to deal teams, operating partners, and portfolio company management, enabling them to make informed decisions that drive your business into positions of dominance within your industry. By providing your operators with easy access to relevant data, analytical tools, and our wealth of expertise, we empower them to make data-informed choices that influence operations, improve overall efficiency, and enhance profitability. This collaborative approach integrates seamlessly into your existing processes, unlocking the potential for your company to emerge as a leading force in your market space.

Featured experts on our team.

Dan Stankey
Managing Director
Jay Majeske
Managing Director, Operational Advisory
Joe Kwasniewski
Managing Director

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