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We are a trusted partner providing high quality fund administration and outsourced c-suite services across multiple asset classes. Our leadership team is deeply rooted in and passionate about serving the alternatives sector. Our purpose is to help our clients deliver alpha to their investors by protecting their bandwidth.

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We make life easier, more efficient, and cost effective for fund managers because we can provide all back- and middle-office services from one place. E78 Partners Fund Solutions team is a trusted partner to over 150 private fund managers, providing high-touch and expert service across multiple asset classes.

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Solutions across the entire lifecycle of a fund

The all-in-one destination for your finance, technology, and fund administration needs.

Investment fund managers frequently need specialized support for effective financial, compliance, accounting and operations management. However, employing a dedicated in-house Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operational Officer (COO) and/or a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and corresponding inside team members may not be the most viable solution due to extensive recruiting processes coupled with a difficult hiring environment, high cost of compensation often including equity, and other factors.

We offer fully customized suite of solutions that can provide you with a everything from a single fractional professional all the way up through an all-encompassing team including an outsourced CFO and CCO, covering every aspect of your fund ‘s needs including finance, compliance, operations, tax and accounting. Our team of outsourced executives, controllers, and financial experts assists your fund in scaling efficiently, maintaining continuity, controlling costs, all while helping to secure institutional investor allocations through due diligence.

Our seasoned team provides outsourced hedge fund operations and middle office services, assuming responsibilities usually managed by internal staff and overseeing the entire post-trade lifecycle. We handle daily tasks such as accurate trade recording on T-0, trade, cash, and position reconciliation on T+1, trade settlement issue resolution, trade break escalation, and maintenance of shadow books of records for our clients. As an extension of our clients’ teams, we work directly within their source of truth, guaranteeing a tailored approach.

We specialize in outsourced private equity fund operations and middle office services. We offer a cloud-based, data-driven portfolio monitoring platform for private equity, enabling managers to process large volumes of financial and operational data effectively. Once set up, this platform allows for convenient viewing, sorting, analysis, and reporting of data and analytics, all customized to meet your team’s specific needs.

Many investment professionals desire to engage in regulated activities without setting up an in-house compliance team or fund platform. E78 Partners fills this gap by offering extensive global regulatory compliance expertise to meet the needs of asset managers globally. We also safeguard investors and your firm by helping in the creation of fund policies and compliance protocols, strategically navigating around potential regulatory risks.

We provide a comprehensive array of fund administration services designed to help private equity and venture capital managers exceed investor expectations. Our top-tier services cater to your unique needs, addressing areas such as waterfall models, enhanced compliance, complex allocations, or specific investor implications.

Our highly experienced team and strategic partnerships with premier financial institutions provide investment management funds with solutions to automate cash payments, maintain accounts, reduce operational risk, and offer effective cost-saving solutions.

For fund managers, handling information collection, engagement monitoring, and catering to ad hoc requests can significantly burden your investor relations and finance teams.

Leveraging our partnerships, we provide a secure platform catering to all your sourcing, deal management, fundraising, and investor services requirements. Distributing marketing materials, gathering investor data, and accessing fund-specific information become seamless with our secure, automated, and all-inclusive investor portal.

We offer comprehensive tax and audit support for alternative investment firms. From tax preparation and reporting to audit and regulatory compliance, we transform the fund audit and tax function from a mere “check the box” task into a crucial value-adding component.

We understand the vital role of technology in driving alpha. To support your investment strategies, we provide a comprehensive suite of technology services encompassing our exclusive platforms.

Our leading-edge data platform offers advanced technological solutions that empower you to collect, analyze, and extract data for actionable insights.

We provide comprehensive tax-related services to cater to the individual and organizational needs of our clients. Our expert tax knowledge and guidance help both individuals and businesses make informed decisions. Our extensive offerings cover Partnership, LLC, Individual & Corporate Returns, Estate & Retirement Planning, as well as Trusts, Foundations, and Not-for-Profit entities. We aim to be your go-to partner for all your tax requirements.

E78 is collaborative and resourceful in accessing their own firm-wide expertise across a team of 100 C-Suite officers and staff, far surpassing the reach of any one in-house professional’s network. We have approximately ten professionals covering our needs with an integrated and synchronized approach. My only regret is not having retained them much earlier.

Featured experts on our team.

Vince Calcagno
Executive Managing Director
Nick Castoria
Executive Managing Director
Paul Fitzpatrick
Sr. Managing Director, Private Funds
Brian Smith
Managing Director, Private Funds
Ofelia Sanchez
Managing Director, Compliance & Tax
Rachel Morrison
Managing Director
Howard Nurtman
Managing Director, Fund Compliance
Tony Berta
Senior Director, Fund Solutions

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