Solutions for fund managers

Bringing a comprehensive suite of fund solutions for CFOs, COOs and CCOs of alternative investment firms.

We work with a range of industry-leading firms.

We have experience with first-time and well established funds.

We currently provide CFO, COO and CCO solutions to more than 125 funds managing over $30 billion in AUM.

We begin by understanding your business and goals.

We tailor the right solution for your business based on an evaluation of fund strategy, size, investor base and overall needs.

E78 Partners provides a range of outsourced solutions and consulting services to alternative investment funds, beginning with our Core and Stand Alone services.

In addition, we offer a menu of services to funds that have established internal resources but prefer a skilled third party to help select portions of their business.

Our fund services and solutions

Core services

  • Outsourced CFO

    We provide a fully outsourced suite of solutions for the office of the CFO. Our dedicated team of experts deliver internal portfolio and fund accounting while overseeing fund administration, investor services, coordination with external vendors and more.
  • Outsourced CCO

    We provide practical compliance solutions to registered investment advisers who manage private funds and separately managed accounts. We help our clients confront the evolving regulatory world while ensuring their specific compliance and business needs are met.
  • Vendor selection & management

    We can interview, hire and monitor all necessary vendors, from administrators and audit and tax consultants to legal counsel and compliance advisors to technology firms.
  • Strategy and structure

    We work with all stakeholders to select the right structures and setup for both management companies and funds. We then assist in the setup of accounting and operations.
  • Fund administration

    We set up, maintain and review your business’s fund accounting, financial operational and investor reporting, and develop, maintain and update valuation policies and procedures. We also compile daily, weekly and monthly reports for both internal and external constituents related to performance and transparency reporting.
  • Treasury and portfolio management

    We provide a broad suite of accounting, bookkeeping, budgeting, rebalancing, reviews, reconciliations and more, to fulfill management company operations, fund processing and risk assessment needs.
  • Regulatory & compliance

    We will help you build your regulatory policies and procedures from the ground up, and then provide on-site inspections, education and training for staff, as well as reviewing marketing materials and completing all necessary forms.
  • Investor relations, diligence & marketing

    We participate in investor meetings and can process investor inquiries and perform all follow-up communications required. We also maintain your investor database and manage all marketing and other regular correspondence.

Stand-alone services

  • Financial statements

    We prepare and review year-end financial statements.
  • Audit & tax coordination

    We coordinate with fund auditors and tax preparers and manage the full process, from setup and planning through final audit issuance and related tax filings.
  • Accounting management

    We manage the day-to-day tasks of bill payment, vendor setup, monthly bookkeeping, budgeting and forecasting. We can also oversee and execute a management company’s regulatory filings.
  • Financial, operational & compliance consulting

    We can assist with setup and review of financial operating and compliance systems and processes, including operational structure, internal accounting, compliance calendar and financial reporting.
  • Executive administrative support

    We provide oversight of business operations processes drafting and implementation. We also support all administrative tasks, from data entry and maintenance to calendar and email management.

We offer institutional-quality and tailored solutions to hedge funds, private equity, venture capital and real estate funds, investment advisers and family offices.

We partner with our clients to take on select and comprehensive business responsibilities on an outsourced basis.

Our dedicated professionals are former CFOs and other C-suite professionals of funds, and our fund administration team have spent their careers as fund auditors and administrators.

We bring this real-world experience within alternative investment funds to bear on every client engagement, tailoring our solutions to provide the support you need to move forward.

Client successes

We deliver an expertise-led institutional platform that provides peace of mind and enables our clients to concentrate on managing their portfolios.

“As a first-time fund, we were able to leverage their expertise as we navigated through fund formation, fundraising, and investor due diligence. E78 allows us to focus more on serving the leaders of our companies.”

—Ryan Heckman, Managing Partner, Rallyday Partners

E78 Partners’ fund solutions offering is the singular alternative to an in-house compliance, operations or financial officer.