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Reliable insights to optimize business performance while
reducing technical risks hindering growth.

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In critical business deals, technology can either be a catalyst for success or a source of risk​.

In an era where technology is the driving force behind business transformations, the stakes have never been higher. Whether you’re exploring mergers, acquisitions, or evaluating software solutions, the role of technology in these endeavors cannot be underestimated. A poorly assessed technology landscape can introduce unforeseen challenges and risks, potentially impacting the success of your deals. That’s where E78 Partners steps in as your trusted ally. Our ‘Technology Due Diligence’ practice is designed to provide you with the precise insights and strategic guidance needed to navigate these critical junctures with confidence. We ensure that technology becomes an enabler, not a barrier, in your path to growth and innovation.​

Tech Savvy Transitions: Elevate Your Business Deals with Expert Due Diligence​.

Uncovering opportunities, mitigating risks, and driving success with a proven track record.

Navigate growth with tailored technology assessments and roadmaps.

Our experts identify opportunities and challenges, crafting a strategic tech plan aligned with your goals.​

Elevate M&A success with our due diligence. We uncover tech insights, mitigate risks, and ensure seamless integrations.​

Optimize software assets with our insights. We uncover hidden opportunities and risks, guiding informed software investments.​

The E78 team conducted a thorough evaluation of potential target companies' IT environments. Their ability to identify key risks and potential synergies substantially influenced our decision-making process.

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Why E78 Partners:

We not only assess current state;
we identify untapped value.

Taking a cross-functional approach, E78 Partners delves deep to unveil hidden opportunities within tech assets. Our meticulous analysis and keen insights illuminate transformative possibilities, unlocking new opportunities for your success.

Deep private equity and industry expertise.

We have decades of experience in technology due diligence across various industries, especially with private equity and PE-owned assets. This extensive industry knowledge allows us to provide nuanced insights and strategies tailored to the specific challenges and opportunities within your sector.

Cost-effective solutions without
compromising quality.

Striking the perfect balance between affordability and excellence, our solutions deliver exceptional value without cutting corners. At E78 Partners, we prioritize your budget while ensuring top-notch quality and results.

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