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Mitigate regulatory risks and defend or improve tax
positions by leveraging comprehensive compliance
strategies and expert tax advisory services.​

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Private Equity
Private Equity

Navigating the ever-changing compliance and tax regulatory environment.

Advancing and accelerating your firm’s compliance reporting capabilities calls for expert planning, implementation, and assessment from top-notch accounting and risk management professionals. Bolstered by leading industry specialists, we prepare you to address the myriad of current and emerging regulatory disclosure requirements.

Similarly, In an everchanging tax regulatory environment, real-time comprehension of revisions enacted by federal, state, and local policymakers is critical for todays CFOs. Through our tax advisory services, our expert team delivers pragmatic strategies and insights for corporate tax matters, compliance, and disputes, empowering clients to maintain risk management and protect value.

Navigate Regulatory Challenges with Confidence through Expert Compliance and Tax Advisory.

Achieve peace of mind and stay ahead of regulatory obligations with our trusted compliance and tax advisory services.

Safeguard investors and your firm. E78 Partners assists in devising fund policies and compliance protocols, strategically steering you clear of potential regulatory risks.

Gain investment compliance expertise without increasing headcount.

E78 Partners offers comprehensive outsourced services for registered investment advisors managing private funds and separate accounts.

Expert tax services providing planning, preparation, and representation services for various entities.

E78 Partners takes a comprehensive approach to tax services, providing expertise and knowledge to individuals and businesses throughout the year.

As a first-time fund, we were able to leverage their expertise as we navigated through fund formation, fundraising, and investor due diligence. E78 allows us to focus more on serving the leaders of our companies.

Ryan Heckman

Managing Partner

Why E78 Partners:

Embracing boundaries and guidelines to drive success​.

For rapidly expanding businesses, safeguarding your achievements is essential, challenging, and a testament to success. That’s why we assist clients in discovering innovative avenues for growth within the “resourceful boundaries” set by regulatory guardrails and guidelines.

Tailoring compliance solutions to keep you audit and tax ready​.

Whether collaborating closely with your in-house compliance or tax department, or serving as a fully outsourced provider, we extend support and guidance to enhance your organization’s regulatory tax and compliance expertise—strengthening your capacity to endure inevitable audits or inquiries.

We execute a repeatable, flexible process to tax and compliance advisory solutions.

1. Discovery

During our discovery sessions, Our skilled team of professionals immerses themselves in understanding the gaps you need to address. Our extensive knowledge and experience in tax and compliance allow us to adeptly navigate intricate regulatory landscapes and provide customized solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

2. Design & Execute

We determine the ideal personnel, systems, and processes to align with your needs while emphasizing a seamless fit into your operations. We offer a comprehensive, fully-integrated approach to tax and compliance management that encompasses strategy, system implementation, and ongoing support.

3. Deliver Results

Access to professional compliance and tax consultants is key to comprehending your risks, obligations, and related accounting effects. We offer specialized compliance and tax advisory services tailored to the needs of private fund managers and CFOs. Under the guidance of our experts, you’ll possess comprehensive insights for informed decision-making and the optimization of your compliance and tax strategies.

Featured experts on our team.

Jim Stern
Managing Director, Compliance & Tax
Ofelia Sanchez
Managing Director, Compliance & Tax
Sam Cassello
Managing Director, Compliance & Tax
Howard Nurtman
Managing Director, Fund Compliance

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