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Today’s CFOs play a vital role in driving technological innovation and adaptation across their organizations.

At E78 Partners, our vision is to lead a transformative movement where the power of data is harnessed to liberate individuals and businesses from the constraints of uncertainty.

From analytics to AI, E78 Partners helps CFOs design and implement a technology stack that enhances organizational effectiveness while extracting actionable insights to drive decisions and growth.

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for Digital Transformation

Trusted advisors at the intersection of finance and technology, empowering CFOs to unlock value through digital transformation.​

E78 Partners merges accounting prowess, process engineering, and tech expertise for comprehensive ERP solutions.

With experience as implementers and users, we design adaptive systems for efficient, agile operations. We aim to optimize processes, achieve peak performance, and spur growth by harmoniously blending human and tech operations. Let us help you attain sustainable progress and operational excellence.

E78 Partners’ skilled EPM consultants excel at implementing systems that create high-performing finance teams, offering timely insights for informed decisions.

Discover how our EPM expertise enhances forecasting, financial management, analytics, reporting, and modeling to elevate your strategic planning.

Is your close process overly time-consuming, hindering effective business decision-making?

E78 Partners develops systems that incorporate organized and transparent close processes, marked by efficient and precise data transfer. Our digital close solutions enable finance teams to expedite their procedures, meeting reporting deadlines without compromising accuracy.

Digital transformation is essential for businesses to achieve operational efficiency and sustainable growth. CFOs and their teams require real-time, data-driven insights from the appropriate tech stack for well-informed strategic decisions.

E78 Partners assists with the holistic digital transformation process, empowering leaders to capitalize on opportunities for enduring growth while optimizing daily operations.

Strategic Alliances

E78 helped pair Workday Adaptive Planning and NetSuite, so we can access live actuals, more accurately forecast and plan, and drill-down into every transaction. Now we better understand the reasons why costs or metrics lower and rise in real-time.

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Why E78 Partners:

We view technology as the key to equipping visionary CFOs​.

We assist financial leaders in orchestrating technology and teams to achieve clear visibility throughout their organizations, promoting enhanced efficiency, productivity, and innovation, all leading to scalable and sustainable future value creation.

Proven expertise in technology transformation leadership​.

Our consultants have served in crucial roles across industries – presiding over profound digital transformations first-hand. With this insight and experience, we are uniquely equipped to partner with CFOs as they lead the finance organization’s evolution, while also guiding the C-suite and sponsors in forward-looking business strategy.

We execute a repeatable, flexible process to inform technology solutions.

1. Discovery

We conduct in-depth discovery sessions to thoroughly understand workflows, determine system requirements, and identify gaps you need to address. This includes achieving optimal alignment in terms of timelines, budget, and results expectations with your internal champions​.

2. Design & Execute

Partnering with clients through all stages, from strategizing to implementation, our consultants devise solutions that align with business objectives. Embracing a “technology-neutral” approach, we facilitate software selection and strategic planning. By interconnecting the data infrastructure, we elevate manual data collection and amalgamation to a streamlined, automated experience.

3. Deliver Results

Our commitment extends until your absolute satisfaction is achieved. Additionally, we provide managed support services to augment client teams in both technical and functional domains.

Featured experts on our team.

John Buccola
Chief Technology Officer
Garrett Rizk
Managing Director, FP&A
Jake Lunney
Managing Director, Finance Technology
Ken Schatz
Managing Director, Finance Technology

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