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Streamline your finance function with a modern
approach leveraging tactical outsourcing.

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Private Funds
Private Funds

Managed Solutions – People, Process, and Technology - for Private Funds and Private Companies.

Finance as a Service offers comprehensive financial management and strategic insights, going beyond basic outsourced accounting.

Finance as a Service delivers enterprise-level visibility and control at a reduced cost and time commitment compared to in-house finance teams. By incorporating scalable solutions, enhanced financial visibility, and greater control, businesses can improve decision-making and overall performance.

White-glove Service, Enhanced by Technology

We provide the essential services to facilitate your fund or company's daily operations, offer stakeholders transparent performance insights, and pave the way for future growth.

Our deep roots in alternative investments, make E78 Partners uniquely qualified to manage your private fund.

We combine your investment talent with our operational expertise – to tackle all finance, accounting and operational roles. In the end, institutional investors can achieve the alpha and transparency they require.

Successful mid-market CFOs continuously work to simplify complex financial processes.

E78 Partners’ managed solution platform works within existing infrastructures to provide impactful process enhancements with better data insights. In turn, clients cut costs, improve decision-making, and enhance financial controls.

In today’s ever-changing business environment, value creation is an ongoing process involving strategic alignment with priorities and objectives, organizational evaluation, and consistent analysis and performance management.

E78 Partners’ FP&A Managed Services Practice empowers CFOs to establish and maintain top-tier FP&A capabilities at a fraction of the cost and time compared to in-house development, providing management teams and stakeholders with prompt, insightful information for improved business and investment decision-making.

Leveraging our extensive operational FP&A expertise, data and technology competencies, and a unique engagement model, we create and implement tailored tools and solutions designed to tackle the challenges faced by dynamic, rapidly growing middle-market companies.

Overall, we accelerated the savings and had better discipline and better communication throughout the organization. The E78 Partners team has done exactly what they were asked to do, and even more.

David Lipson

Chairman of the Board

Why E78 Partners:

We bring senior-led teams with decades of industry-specific experience as operators.

This enables our Finance as a Service model to provide businesses with the unique benefits of deep expertise, insights into industry best practices, targeted financial strategies, and customized financial solutions that address each client’s specific operational challenges and opportunities.

Cost and time efficiency.

With Finance as a Service, companies can save on expenses and time associated with hiring, training, and managing an internal finance team, as well as developing and maintaining financial infrastructure.

Scalable solutions.

Finance as a Service allows businesses to easily scale their financial management services according to their unique needs and growth trajectory.

We execute a repeatable, flexible process to assess gaps and fill them.

1. Discovery

We conduct a thorough discovery assessment process tailored to each client’s unique requirements, as we service a wide range of industries, each with specific aspects. Understanding your business enables us to gather the necessary information to develop and configure the most suitable financial solution, ultimately addressing your individual goals and challenges.

2. Design & Execute

We meticulously designs and implements financial solutions that consider each company’s specific goals and challenges, optimizing results aligned with strategic objectives, while addressing immediate and long-term needs. By leveraging scalable processes and cutting-edge technologies, we minimize time demands and provide best-in-class service.

3. Deliver Results

Our core focus is to deliver insightful financial data while sparing you the burden of maintaining a finance department, ultimately enabling you to make well-informed business and investment decisions with ease.

Featured experts on our team.

Vince Calcagno
Executive Managing Director
Garrett Rizk
Managing Director, FP&A

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