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Empowering technology leaders to transform IT spend into strategic advantage​.

E78 Partners excels in transforming recurring technology expenses into strategic assets, and we do it with a guarantee – your ROI is assured, year upon year, for the entire duration of our partnership. Our process is intricate and granular, honed over several decades across a myriad of industries on a global scale. We don’t just audit; we dissect every facet of your recurring spend to uncover efficiencies that compound over time.​

Our commitment is to deliver sustained financial performance that aligns with your evolving business needs. From the initial deep-dive audit to the ongoing optimization of your IT spend, E78 Partners ensures that every dollar spent is an investment toward your company’s future. This isn’t just optimization for the sake of immediate savings; it’s about crafting a legacy of efficiency, innovation, and enduring value. With E78 Partners, you gain a partner whose dedication to your long-term success is as steadfast as the savings we deliver.

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Clarity, command and savings: Transforming IT spend with long-term ROI.

Our tech leadership emphasizes transparency and control, optimizing recurring IT investments for lasting savings. Our collaboration showcases the impact of clear visibility, accurate management, and cost reduction, consistently delivering results over time.

We elevate cost oversight to a strategic function. Outsourcing this process to E78 Partners means gaining a partner who meticulously crafts a comprehensive inventory of your IT assets and contracts.

This inventory is not just a list; it’s the bedrock upon which we build a regime of relentless, continuous cost control and reduction. Our granular approach not only reveals immediate savings but also paves the way for sustained cost governance, providing you with a clarity that transforms how you view and manage your technology investments.​

We provide ongoing supervision, traceability, and risk management services for your IT stack. A watchful eye that ensures you get what you pay for and that makes clear, cost-saving recommendations to protect your bottom line.

This includes services such as: Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management; IT Benchmarking and Cost Effectiveness; Monthly Carrier Reconciliation Services; and Vendor Recommendation Services.

We automate with intention. E78 Partners leverages cutting-edge AI technology to enhance productivity, giving you back the reins to drive innovation.

Our solutions prioritize visibility into operations and outcomes, ensuring that every automated process is a building block towards peak efficiency. The result? A controlled, productive environment where ROI isn’t an abstract goal — it’s a tangible, ongoing achievement.​

Engage with E78 Partners for an advisory experience that is both panoramic and precise.

We leverage a proprietary data set, providing your business with an unparalleled edge in negotiations. This data-driven approach, combined with our deep understanding of technology and industry-specific landscapes, empowers your organization to make informed, strategic decisions. We guide you through the minefield of outsourcing options, aligning each choice not just with your existing contracts and current needs, but also with your future state aspirations and budgetary considerations.

With E78 Partners, every outsourcing decision is an opportunity to advance your organization’s technological prowess and market positioning.​

Even as we scaled and expanded, E78 ensured our Azure costs remained in check. Their cloud management solutions are not just about cost-saving; they're about smart growth.


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Why E78 Partners:

ROI guaranteed engagement.

With E78 Partners, financial success is not just a goal, but a guarantee. Our approach ensures ROI at every stage, turning strategies into measurable financial gains and value creation.​

Broad and deep experience.

E78 Partners’ strength lies in over 25 years of cross-disciplinary expertise, blending financial, contractual, and technological insights. This depth allows us to approach IT optimization comprehensively, offering solutions that are both innovative and practical.​ We leverage technology and strategic partnerships to deliver exceptional results for our clients. By embracing a diverse range and actively collaborate with industry-leading technology providers, specialists, and innovators to remain up-to-date as we remain at the forefront of industry advancements. ​

Technology agnostic.

Our technology-agnostic stance ensures the best tools for your specific needs. We prioritize efficiency and effectiveness, leveraging top-tier technologies to reduce costs and deliver tailored managed solutions.​

We execute on a repeatable, flexible process to assess gaps and fill them.

1. Discovery

Our journey begins with a thorough discovery phase. Here, E78 delves into your current IT infrastructure, spending patterns, and operational challenges. This stage is about understanding your unique environment and identifying opportunities for optimization and savings.​

2. Roadmap

Armed with insights from the discovery phase, we craft a detailed roadmap. This strategic plan outlines clear steps for technology optimization, focusing on both immediate improvements and long-term transformation. It’s a blueprint for achieving your IT goals efficiently and effectively.​

3. Deliver Results

We meticulously execute optimization strategies, manage disputes, and pursue recoveries. Our white glove service extends to handling invoice processing and coding, all the way through to bill payment. We deliver tangible results and ensure all aspects align with the optimized financial, technological and operational goals we’ve set together.​

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