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At E78 Partners, we specialize in delivering top-tier M&A integration and carve-out services. Our approach, deeply entrenched in expertise and experience, is designed to guide our clients through the complexities of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, ensuring successful outcomes in the ever-evolving business landscape.

In our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions, E78 Partners has formed a strategic partnership with Global PMI Partners (GPMIP). This collaboration expands our capabilities on an international scale, allowing us to offer expert, on-demand M&A services and resources globally.

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Unlock Value From Strategic M&A

Driving value creation through M&A and post-merger integrations calls for informed strategic decisions throughout the transaction and business lifecycle. E78 Partners’ M&A experts help clients maximize value at every stage.

Benefit from efficiently planned and managed integrations and carve-outs that enable M&A projects to be completed on time and within budget.

Implement playbooks proven to accelerate the M&A process, align stakeholders, and mitigate risks, facilitating a smooth integration and faster value creation.

Optimize internal M&A programs with M&A capability assessments that inform internal M&A program optimization.

Foster employee engagement, reduce resistance to change, and ensure a more unified corporate culture post M&A.

Service cross-border M&A integration needs internationally leveraging Global PMI Partners worldwide.

From day one, the team brought focus and clarity to the objectives of the integration.

Their experience allowed us to avoid the pitfalls and deliver clear execution plans.

They understood our culture, how we operate, how we work ... they just got it!

How E78 Partners
Unlocks Value

Proven expertise.

Our consultants have decades of experience in managing intricate M&A transactions and combine deep industry experience with real business understanding. We unlock true value through large scale change, while maximizing opportunities for success.

Customized approach. Dedicated team.

A frequent misunderstanding about post-merger integration is that it can be seamlessly added to daily responsibilities without any repercussions – leading to unrealized value or even value destruction. Our approach to post-merger integration accomplishment centers on four primary goals: reducing business disruptions and distractions for daily operators, maximizing and accelerating synergy realization and value creation, fostering organizational growth and aligning cultures to advance the new company, and harnessing the combined capabilities to strengthen the firm’s competitive position.

Global reach.

Through our strategic alliance with a global post-merger integration partner, we extend our reach, ensuring that no matter where our clients operate, they receive the same level of excellence and attention.

Featured experts on our team.

Scott Whitaker
Managing Director, M&A Services
Stefan Hofmeyer
Managing Director, M&A Services
Ben Morgan
Director, Operational Advisory
Dan Stankey
Sr. Managing Director

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