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The financial services industry is rapidly evolving due to new regulations, lower fee rates, digital shifts and market volatility, leading to industry-wide profitability and sustainability challenges. Amid increased competition and consolidation, specialized advisory services are crucial for sub-industries like banking, capital markets, insurance, payments, asset management and lending.

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E78’s experts enhance market navigation with compliance, competitive initiatives, and bespoke analytics for financial service clients.

Overview: E78’s financial experts offer tailored strategies to navigate this dynamic market, focusing on regulatory compliance, accounting resolutions, distressed situations and competitiveness initiatives.

Our approach emphasizes understanding market dynamics, providing customized analytics, reporting and merger support for financial service clients and their institutional owners, ensuring meticulous execution for optimal results.


The Banking sector confronts economic volatility, regulatory demands and digital transformation pressures. Banks must ensure compliance while advancing their technological footprint and safeguarding against risks.

E78 provides banking institutions with risk management, compliance support, technological innovation and transformative strategies. Our comprehensive services streamline operations, enhance digital banking and uphold stringent security standards, equipping banks to excel in a rapidly changing financial landscape.

Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) operate in a landscape characterized by complex regulatory requirements, increasing competition and the need for advanced technological solutions. RIAs must maintain regulatory compliance, offer differentiated advice and harness technology for deeper insights and client engagement.

E78 aids RIAs with compliance strategy, operational improvement and tech enhancement, ensuring they can focus on providing superior client services within a secure and efficient framework. Our support positions RIAs to exceed customer expectations and stay ahead of industry trends.

The Investment Clearing sector is marked by challenges in transaction efficiency, regulatory compliance and the integration of high-speed, secure technological systems. Clearing firms must navigate increasing demands for real-time processing and transparency.

E78 supports these firms by streamlining clearing processes, bolstering regulatory adherence and implementing cutting-edge IT solutions, fostering resilience and efficiency in a critical facet of the financial services industry.

Insurance companies are confronted with rigorous regulatory environments, evolving customer expectations and the pressing need for digital innovation. Insurers must efficiently manage risk, tailor customer experiences and modernize legacy systems to remain competitive.

E78 assists insurers in overcoming these challenges with enhanced risk management strategies, compliance support and technological advancements, ensuring they can adapt and lead in a transformative insurance marketplace.

Real Estate Brokerages face an ever-evolving industry landscape that includes dynamic market conditions, the demand for tech-savvy customer service and the need for effective digital marketing strategies. Brokerages must navigate these complexities while maintaining robust transaction management and compliance with varying real estate laws.

E78 supports brokerages by offering innovative solutions to optimize operations, deploy advanced technology for market analysis and customer relations and implement effective digital marketing tactics. Our services ensure that brokerages can succeed with efficiency and stay ahead of the competitive curve in the real estate industry.

Mortgage Lenders deal with regulatory scrutiny, interest rate volatility and the necessity for seamless lending experiences. They must ensure compliance, manage risks efficiently and leverage technology to simplify the mortgage process.

E78 aids lenders by reinforcing regulatory practices, enhancing risk management frameworks and advancing digital tools, empowering them to provide superior lending services in a complex and competitive housing market.


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