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The manufacturing industry has built a deep history rooted in tradition, but must keep its eyes on the future. Manufacturing continues to evolve, and the pace of change is accelerating. As manufacturers strive for peak efficiency, they are compelled to adopt advanced practices across functions such as supply chain management, operational finance and IT backed processes while bolstering risk management and compliance protocols.

Digital transformation is the powerhouse driving this shift, reshaping supply chains and forging new pathways to growth and value creation. However, manufacturers must navigate these challenges marked by volatile regulation, shifting consumer demands and growing environmental awareness. Manufacturing leaders need visibility and controls not just around customer data and costs, but essential supply chain and operational functions.

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E78 boosts manufacturing success through innovative improvements in supply chain, finance, IT, and compliance, driving efficiency in modern market complexities.

E78 is committed to enhancing the manufacturing sector, where operational efficiency directly correlates with success. Given the complexities of modern markets, achieving this efficiency necessitates innovative enhancements across crucial business functions—including supply chain management, operational finance, accounting, IT, risk management and compliance.

Partnering with E78 not only equips manufacturing companies to navigate the challenging economic landscape but also drives efficiency and competitiveness, ensuring sustained success in demanding market conditions.

Heavy manufacturing

The Heavy Manufacturing sector grapples with operational scale challenges, environmental regulations, and the integration of Industry 4.0 technologies. Companies must manage large-scale production efficiency, reduce environmental impact and modernize manufacturing systems.

E78 positions heavy manufacturers for success in this demanding and resource-intenstive industry by providing visibility into financial data and operational processes, ensuring regulatory compliance and advancing technological adoption.

The Plastics & Rubber sector encounters sustainability pressures, cost management and technological advancements. Companies must innovate eco-friendly materials, optimize manufacturing efficiency and adapt to market shifts.

E78 supports the sector with sustainable practice strategies, cost control mechanisms tech implementation, and visibility into operational processes that drive resilience and growth amidst environmental and economic challenges.

The Semiconductor sector goes through rapid technological change, stringent quality control and supply chain volatility. Companies must manage intricate production processes, meet the demand surge and handle geopolitical risks.

E78 aids semiconductor firms in enhancing process efficiencies, supply chain management and navigating market fluctuations, ensuring they stay at the cutting edge of the tech industry.

The Building Products sector experiences regulatory shifts, the need for sustainable materials and consumer preference trends. Firms must balance product innovation with supply chain resiliency and cost-effective operations.

E78 assists building product companies with regulatory navigation, sustainability integration and operational efficiency, fortifying their ability to build success in a dynamic construction landscape.

The Materials sector navigates complex raw material sourcing, sustainability requirements and evolving global market demands. Firms must innovate in material science, ensure environmental compliance and maintain supply chain robustness.

E78 enhances firms’ visibility into business functions, optimizing costs and operational efficiency, propelling innovation in material science, enforcing environmental adherence, and securing supply chain resilience, enabling them to effectively respond to market changes and drive industry progress.


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