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E78 provides CIOs with strategic expertise in navigating today’s digital landscape. We are experts in transforming technology challenges into growth opportunities. With a focus on cloud strategy, cybersecurity, data analytics, AI and IT architecture, our tailored solutions anticipate future trends, ensuring organizations stay ahead of the curve. By leveraging data for actionable insights and fortified security measures, CIOs can confidently drive innovation and success with E78 as their trusted ally.


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We synthesize technological and financial expertise to drive value creation. Our seasoned experts anticipate the pitfalls of digital transformation and tackle challenges before they arise.

E78 specializes in providing CIOs with tailored cloud solutions, cutting-edge cybersecurity measures, data-driven insights, and strategic IT planning to drive innovation and align technology with long-term business objectives.

Cloud Strategy

We are experts in tailoring cloud solutions to your business goals, ensuring security, cost-effectiveness, and the flexibility to scale alongside your organization. Our strategies facilitate a seamless transition to the cloud while leveraging long-term potential for innovation and operational excellence, helping your organization stay competitive today with an eye toward future growth.

We provide tailored security solutions to safeguard the CIO’s digital landscapes, addressing evolving cyber threats and ensuring regulatory compliance. Through comprehensive vulnerability assessments and comprehensive defense implementations, CIOs can trust that our proactive approach keeps their organizations secure. With ongoing monitoring and state-of-the-art security measures in place, CIOs can focus on driving innovation and achieving business objectives in a secure environment.

 Make better decisions with a higher degree of certainty with our analytics approach.

 We empower you to leverage data in your strategic decision making. By embracing and understanding advanced analytics and AI, CIOs can predict outcomes and make better decisions to accelerate the growth of their business. Our approach goes beyond just interpretation of data; we use these insights to inform strategies that define the future of your organization.

With our comprehensive approach to IT strategy, CIOs can confidently navigate the evolving technology landscape and drive organizational success. E78 offers strategic planning and architectural design services tailored to align with CIOs’ long-term business objectives. By prioritizing efficiency, scalability, and adaptability in IT infrastructure, we ensure that CIOs have a robust foundation for growth and innovation.

E78’s team of experts not only brought deep technical proficiency but also displayed a clear understanding of our business objectives and industry nuances.

VP of IT, National Healthcare Firm


E78 is your co-pilot in meaningful change.

We anticipate needs before they arise.

Drawing on our deep PE and C-level operational knowledge and extensive Fortune 500 experience, our team is constantly on the offensive, thinking proactively and tackling issues head on.

Our approach is flexible and tech-agnostic.

E78 offers unmatched service flexibility, ranging from shared resources for cost efficiency to client-dedicated teams for expertise. This adaptability ensures client engagements are tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of your business, delivering maximum value uniquely and efficiently.

We’ve been in your shoes.

Our ability to provide you with the best service possible stems from our team’s years of leadership. With former C-suite executives, private equity leaders and Big Four alumni, we provide you with world-class experts who understand the challenges you face in order to deliver on our promise of outstanding outcomes.

Our Partnership Process.

Our team understands that time is money. We add value by delivering results on-time and on-budget.

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