Leverage expertise across the consumer goods industry to facilitate innovation and operational efficiency.

E78 empowers consumer goods companies to harness data from diverse locations and sources, providing valuable insights and boosting operational efficiency. Our comprehensive services streamline data collection analytics, forecasting and transactions for holistic, multi-channel strategies.  data across multiple, disparate locations for enterprise-wide strategic insights and operational excellence. We offer targeted solutions across various functions, from accounting to restructuring, to foster growth, maintain competitiveness and generate value for companies in this evolving market.

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E78 boosts consumer goods companies with data-driven strategies and multi-channel solutions for sustainable growth and market value.

E78 empowers consumer goods companies to leverage data for strategic insights and operational excellence. Our comprehensive services enhance analytics, forecasting and transactions, enabling a multi-channel approach that extends beyond pricing strategies. We offer targeted solutions across various functions, from accounting to restructuring, to foster growth, maintain competitiveness and generate value for companies in this evolving market.


The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector is confronted with shifting consumer preferences, the rise of e-commerce, and the need for supply chain agility. Firms must innovate rapidly, personalize offerings and maintain efficient operations.

E78 guides CPG companies through these challenges by enabling data-driven decision-making, streamlining supply chains and fostering innovation, helping them to adapt and thrive in a changing consumer landscape.

The Food and Beverage sector is facing strict regulatory pressures, changing consumer tastes and supply chain complexities. Companies need to innovate products, maintain safety and quality, and optimize supply chains for freshness and speed.

E78 supports these businesses by enhancing visibility into the supply chain and refining material operations, optimizing compliance protocols, and driving product innovation to ensure they meet market demands and maintain competitive edges in a volatile industry.

The Travel sector endures fluctuating demand, competitive pricing pressures and evolving consumer expectations. Companies strive to offer exceptional experiences, flexible operations and technological integration to stay relevant.

E78 assists Travel businesses in overcoming these challenges, optimizing customer service, streamlining operational agility and leveraging technology to enhance experiences and operational efficiency.

The Hospitality & Leisure sector grapples with consumer trend shifts, the imperative for personalized experiences and operational efficiency. Firms are tasked with redefining guest services, leveraging digital transformation and maintaining high occupancy rates.

E78 aids entities in this sector by enhancing guest experiences, refining operational procedures and adopting innovative technologies, positioning them to prosper in a highly service-driven market.

The Luxury sector deals with exclusive consumer expectations, brand integrity and the necessity for digital marketing excellence. Companies must balance bespoke services with global outreach and maintain an aura of exclusivity.

E78 elevates brands with tailored finance, technology and business transformation services. We align technology resources and analytics to provide visibility into customers’ digital engagement and M&A services that ensure seamless integration improving customer satisfaction and driving market growth.

The Retail sector navigates digital disruption, fluctuating consumer habits and intense market competition. Retailers must hone omnichannel strategies, optimize inventory and personalize customer experiences.

E78 supports Retail businesses with financial acumen, tech integration and transformative strategies to enhance customer journeys, streamline operations and cement market position in an industry driven by continuous evolution.


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