Case Study

Radius’ Path from Accounting Chaos to Operational Clarity with E78 Partners

Radius, a trailblazer in sustainable oral hygiene, faced turbulent times behind its innovative products. CEO Saskia Coleman was enveloped in a whirlwind of chaotic accounting practices that stunted critical decision-making. Plagued by outdated processes and recurring errors, Radius’ growth trajectory was at risk.
Enter E78 Partners. At the brink of operational disarray, CEO Coleman sought a solution that would offer more than mere temporary fixes. She needed a partner that would lead and revitalize her accounting team with industry best practices and dedication akin to an in-house staff member.
E78 Partners answered the call with a hands-on, comprehensive approach. E78 didn’t just repair the damage—they transformed Radius’s entire accounting framework. Through direct collaboration and practical training, Radius’ staff were equipped with the tools and knowledge for continuous accuracy and efficiency.
Radius’ journey from turmoil to confidence is a testament to the transformative power of partnering with E78 Partners—a journey from uncertain financial practices to a robust, forward-looking operational foundation.


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