Robert Baker

VP, Business Development


Robert serves as the VP, Business Development within the Technology business unit at E78 Partners. Robert works with clients to understand their tech expense and finance challenges in order to deliver governance models and SaaS-driven frameworks aimed at monitoring and minimizing network, mobile and cloud-based expenditures with the oversight and expertise of proven professional teams at E78 Partners. Robert has over 25+ years of sales & leadership roles in the SaaS and Telecom Expense Management (TEM) industry. Prior to joining E78 Partners, he was the TEM leader at Asentinel where he led a national sales team delivering over 15% CAGR over nine years. During his time at Asentinel, the company exited to private equity in 2015 and merged with TEM company Tangoe in 2017 and MMS leader Mobi in 2018.

Robert holds an undergrad degree in business for Eastern Illinois University. In addition, he earned both an Azure Administration and associate AWS architect certifications from MicroTrain Technologies.

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