5 Keys to M&A Integration Success


Best practices across 5 key dimensions of managing a successful integration

While every deal is different, sometimes just doing the basics right can mean the difference between tangible success, or an unsatisfactory result. This article is not meant to address everything that must get done in an average business integration, but instead focuses on 5 key dimensions that are consistent across integration processes regardless of size, sector, or complexity. These can be used by CEOs and executives to streamline the integration process.

The 5 most common dimensions are:

  1. Strategy & Objectives
  2. Program Management
  3. Day 1 and First 100 Day Planning
  4. Communications, Culture & Change
  5. Post-close Execution

For each dimension, we have outlined a few best practices, and associated common pitfalls. Addressing these 5 areas will put companies on the path for a successful integration.

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