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Our pay-as-you-grow model ensures optimal efficiency, protection,
and convenient scalability tailored to your IT business needs.

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Unlocking Your IT Potential, While You Focus on What You Do Best​.

Managing IT services can be complex and time-consuming, especially for businesses that want to concentrate on their core competency. We’re here to simplify your IT journey and empower you to excel in your core business activities.​

With our Managed Services practice, we step in as your trusted IT partner, ensuring that your technology infrastructure is expertly managed. Whether it’s helpdesk support, mobility solutions, cybersecurity, or spend management, we’ve got you covered.​

Our goal is to remove the IT burden from your shoulders, allowing you to redirect your energy and resources toward driving your business forward. We specialize in handling the intricacies of IT management, ensuring optimal efficiency, protection, and scalability, so you can thrive in your niche.​

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*Source: PWC’s Beyond the back office: How managed services partnerships drive outperformance

Tailored Solutions for IT Excellence​.

Efficiency, protection, and scalability. Managed IT services at your pace. Exclusively offered by E78 Partners.​

Efficient IT support is the backbone of smooth operations, and our helpdesk service ensures that your technology challenges are met with prompt, expert assistance. We’re here to resolve issues, answer questions, and keep your IT environment running seamlessly so that you can stay focused on your core business.

In addition to our helpdesk service, protecting your digital assets is of paramount importance. Our cybersecurity expertise plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of your organization. With an increasingly complex threat landscape, our vigilant approach shields your organization from cyberattacks and data breaches. We provide comprehensive security solutions, ensuring that your IT environment remains a fortress of protection, working together to drive success and maintain a technologically efficient, robust, and secure environment for your organization.

Embrace the power of mobility with our comprehensive solutions. Our Mobility services go beyond the basics, including plan management and device provisioning.

We understand that flexibility is key, so we offer solutions starting at no cost. Stay connected and productive with our tailored mobility offerings, designed to meet your specific needs and budget.​

Our Telecom and IT Expense Management capabilities start with creating a solid foundation based on an extensive inventory. This comprehensive approach goes beyond just listing your assets; it establishes a continuous cost control and reduction regime that unveils immediate savings and fosters sustained cost governance. By doing so, we provide you with the clarity necessary to transform the way you view and manage your technology investments.

To further enhance cost governance, we develop utilization-based frameworks and governance models designed to monitor and reduce infrastructure and cloud-based expenses. Our seasoned IT executives possess expertise in a wide range of technologies, from Azure to AWS, and Cisco to Juniper, which enables us to deliver expense management solutions across all categories of technology spend. By implementing these strategies, we provide your organization with greater visibility and the tools needed for effective cost management, ultimately driving efficiency and long-term financial success.

Vendor Pay Management (VPM) from E78 streamlines the vendor payment process saving time and resources for clients. E78 VPM services simplify multi-vendor payments into a single, secure process. VPM reduces errors and fees, saves time and resources, and improves your vendor relationships with timely payments. Our process provides securitized transitions with third-party vendors preventing fraud and safeguarding your business’s financial data.

We now have an enterprise platform to manage our recurring IT spend which gives us transparency, forward looking capability, and inventory management. The E78 team’s fully managed solution has made a true business impact.


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Why E78 Partners:

Pay-as-you-grow. No, really.

We align your investment with growth. Our ‘Pay as You Grow’ approach ensures that the solution scales seamlessly as your business expands. You only pay for what you need, making your IT investment a strategic asset.

Unparalleled flexibility.

Flexibility is in our DNA. We offer diverse delivery models, allowing you to customize your engagement. Mix and match staff augmentation resources with a leveraged/shared team in a managed services hybrid arrangement. It’s your IT, your way.​

We find ways to offset the investment in our services.

Unlock financial opportunities with our extensive financial audit on IT. Our expertise often uncovers innovative ways to offset the expense of the managed service. We’re not just managing IT; we’re finding financial solutions that work for your bottom line.​

We execute a repeatable, flexible process to assess gaps and fill them.

1. Discovery

This is where we immerse ourselves in your business, understanding your unique challenges, goals, and IT landscape. We leave no stone unturned, conducting in-depth assessments and audits to gain a comprehensive view of your IT posture.

2. Design & execute

We measure success by the impact we make on your business. Our relentless focus on results ensures that your IT investments yield value, efficiency, and growth. We deliver tangible results while managing your IT.

3. Deliver Results

We execute with precision, managing cybersecurity, optimizing cloud resources, and extracting meaningful insights from data. Our focus extends beyond implementation to tangible outcomes—we ensure that your technology investments drive real-world results. This phase is about delivering the ROI, scalability, and innovation that our strategies promise, ensuring your organization is equipped for continued growth and success.​

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Managing Director, Technology Solutions
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Sr. Managing Director

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