Maximizing Value: The Significance of Spend Management for CFOs of Private Equity Backed Companies


John Buccola

Chief Technology Officer

John Buccola

Chief Technology Officer
John Buccola is a highly experienced IT Leader at E78, where he oversees all IT related efforts at E78.
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In the fast-paced business environment, spend management is a key priority for CFOs of private equity-backed companies. This strategic management of expenditures can bolster profitability and operational efficiency. This brief overview outlines the relevance of spend management and key optimization strategies for CFOs. 

The Value of Effective Spend Management 

Spend management refers to the process of strategically overseeing and controlling an organization’s expenditures.  

Spend management extends to various aspects of an organization’s expenditures, including operations, procurement, and increasingly relevant IT spend – particularly in the cloud. According to industry reports, as much as 94% of enterprises are overspending on their cloud resources. This statistic underscores the significance of strategic spend management, even within technologically advanced resources. 

For CFOs in private equity backed companies, effective spend management is crucial for several reasons: 

  1. Cost Optimization: Through effective spend management, CFOs can pinpoint savings, negotiate better vendor deals, and streamline procurement, leading to significant cost reductions and increased profitability and shareholder value. 
  2. Enhanced Visibility and Control: Spend management gives CFOs a comprehensive view of company expenses, allowing them to identify overspending, enforce cost controls, and uphold budgetary limits. This control fosters financial discipline and informs strategic decisions. 
  3. Mitigation of Financial Risks: Spend management helps CFOs minimize financial risks like overspending, non-compliance, and fraud. With strong internal controls and tech solutions, they can deter unauthorized spending, uphold regulations, and protect the company’s financial health. 

Key Strategies for Effective Spend Management

Below are proven strategies for CFOs to enhance spend management, complemented by our firsthand experiences of supporting businesses with these approaches. 

Key StrategiesE78 Observations / Experience
Perform Thorough Audits: Prior to altering supplier relationships or renegotiating contracts, thorough audits are essential. These audits ensure optimal financial terms, identify potential savings through detecting errors or inefficiencies, and instill financial discipline in the organization. Our team recently collaborated with a PE-backed company poised to renew an IT contract at a lower price. Before proceeding, we conducted a 6-month historical audit and uncovered $250,000 in billing errors from the supplier. This discovery enabled us to renegotiate the contract to include both the recovery and a further price reduction, yielding a significantly beneficial result for our client. 
Maintain Accurate Inventory: Maintaining an accurate inventory of invoiced items is central to spend management. This enables CFOs to track real expenses, verify their necessity, and eliminate redundancies, ensuring resources are focused on value-adding activities for better cost optimization and risk mitigation. From our experience, inventories with numerous components, such as mobile devices, contact centers, or cloud licenses, generally present a 15-20% opportunity for cost reduction.
Implement Technology Solutions: Leveraging spend management software and automation tools can streamline procurement processes, improve data accuracy, and enhance spend visibility. These solutions enable CFOs to track expenses, analyze spending patterns, and identify areas for cost reduction. Optimizing certain areas like cloud or wireless contracts can be complex, needing specialized tools and expertise to fully capitalize on cost-saving opportunities. Our standard wireless optimization strategies typically result in an 18% monthly spend reduction, largely driven by sophisticated optimization techniques. 
Establish Vendor Management Protocols: CFOs should establish clear vendor management protocols, including thorough due diligence, contract negotiation, and performance evaluation. By fostering strong relationships with vendors, CFOs can leverage their purchasing power and negotiate favorable terms, leading to cost savings. A well-known sportswear retailer sought E78’s expertise for negotiations with a key supplier. We secured agreement terms providing our client significant leverage in case of inadequate service—a situation that later arose. E78 subsequently guided a smooth transition from this underperforming supplier to an alternative one offering superior service uptime and lower costs.
Embrace Data Analytics: Harnessing the power of data analytics empowers CFOs to gain actionable insights into spending trends, identify outliers, and make informed decisions. By leveraging analytics, CFOs can identify cost-saving opportunities, optimize procurement processes, and drive continuous improvement. Our team consistently oversees monthly expenditure, underscoring spending patterns, pending credits, and ensuring that our services generate lasting savings that exceed our costs year after year. 
Collaborate with Stakeholders: Effective spend management requires collaboration with key stakeholders, including procurement teams, department heads, and executive leadership. CFOs should foster a culture of financial responsibility and engage stakeholders in cost reduction initiatives and process improvements. Enterprises built via acquisition typically have a patchwork of technical and contractual legacy; we recently completed a project with a professional services platform with a mix of legacy and new leadership. Previous efforts to optimize were stymied by perceived risk. Our team of SMEs effectively collaborated with both teams to settle a path forward, upgrade the technology stack while reducing recurring costs by 23%. 

Effective spend management is essential for CFOs. It allows for cost reduction, improved financial visibility, risk mitigation, and increased profitability. By leveraging technology, data analytics, and stakeholder collaboration, CFOs can guide their organizations to enhanced financial success in today’s competitive market.  

Spend Management with E78 Partners 

With a unique combination of in-depth industry knowledge, strategic insight, and financial acumen, E78’s cost management team redefines the concept of value creation. What truly sets E78 apart is not just the team’s ability to optimize expenses and drive cost reduction, but their relentless pursuit of elevating financial performance.  

Rooted in a deep understanding of cost drivers across diverse industries, the team focuses on the big picture, leveraging their expertise to navigate potential savings avenues, negotiate advantageous vendor contracts, and instill effective cost control measures. 

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John Buccola
Chief Technology Officer
John Buccola is a highly experienced IT Leader at E78, where he oversees all IT related efforts at E78.
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