Vince Calcagno

Executive Managing Director


Vincent is an accomplished business leader with extensive experience in senior executive roles, including CEO, COO, and CFO. He has a demonstrated track record of developing strategic business leadership expertise and driving successful growth and value creation in multiple industries.

With experience in private equity recapitalizations and multiple successful direct exit experiences from C-Suite positions, Vincent is a proven CEO advisor and strategist. As Executive Managing Director of the E78 Fund Solutions Group, Vincent has played a crucial role in scaling multiple businesses, developing effective management structures, and overseeing key business functions.

Most recently, Vincent has led the development of a nationally recognized singular alternative solution for investment managers or family offices looking to leverage the benefits of an in-house financial, accounting, operational, and compliance officer while capitalizing on the significant additional benefits that an outsourced business model provides.

Overall, Vincent brings a wealth of experience and expertise to any organization, with a proven track record of driving growth, creating value, and developing effective leadership strategies.

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