Case Study

Consumer health company leverages E78 for ERP BI and custom POS data mart solution



Client profile

Blueroot Health is a consumer health company building clean, nutrient-rich, evidence-based brands that fuel lasting happiness and health for people and the planet. Their nutraceutical brands offer healthcare practitioners, patients, and consumers a suite of product brands, including Vital Nutrients, Bariatric Fusion, and Hyperbiotics. 

Blueroot desired improved reporting capabilities while migrating two additional entities to their existing NetSuite instance.  Management required enhanced reporting around historical sales trends, demand planning, inventory availability and delayed fulfillment, and salesperson performance.

Blueroot needed more in-depth analysis for their Shopify and Seller Central-driven sales, including delivering insights on promotional programs, subscriptions, regional and item level breakdown.

Technology Challenge

The organization joined three individual entities residing in three separate ERP systems into one consolidated instance of NetSuite.  The newly created instance of NetSuite lacked historical data, budget information, and the reporting requirements management desired to make business decisions.

Blueroot desired consolidated reporting on Shopify and Seller Central, two disconnected systems with ~$8M annualized revenue.  The current Blueroot solution provides limited monthly analysis. Still, it could not analyze trends over time, gave no visibility to subscription renewal activity, and the disconnected nature of the systems made it difficult to view product and customer-level results on a consolidated basis.

E78 Solution

The Data Services practice delivered a two-part solution combining the Satori NetSuite BI data warehouse and a custom point-of-sale data mart from Shopify & Amazon’s Seller Central, developed by E78.

E78 led the implementation of Satori’s NetSuite BI, incorporating product-level budgeting and Quickbooks/Sage Intacct historical imports assisting in the transition to NetSuite.  E78 also implemented increased reporting functionality around sales trends, inventory analysis, salesperson performance and demand planning.

A significant advantage of E78’s point-of-sale solution is the revenue insights of consumer subscription renewals and historical sales trends. Previously, these analyses proved overtaxing and error-prone. 

Satori’s NetSuite BI offers a complete experience with access to all ERP modules and 100% transaction replication from NetSuite. This provides limitless perspective of all data types and unlimited joins.

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