Kristi Kershaw

Director of Executive Search Services


Kristi brings over 25 years of recruiting experience in serving middle market and large companies alike.  She is truly passionate about recruiting and helping clients and candidates find the “right” match.  Kristi’s early career path included time within a Big 4 accounting firm, as well as being an industry CFO. This first-hand experience as a Finance & Accounting leader, coupled with her passion for helping companies grow and develop their teams, has enabled her success in the world of executive and professional search. 

Kristi holds a BS in Accounting from Indiana University at Indianapolis and currently resides in Houston, Texas with her husband (Mike), son (Karson) and dog (Ranger).  Kristi also has a daughter (Riley) that lives in Austin, Texas who is pursuing her Doctorate in Psychology.  In her spare time, she loves juggling her sons’ sporting activities (football, baseball, basketball, and golf) and following college football. She is also passionate about being active in her community and giving back.  



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