Kim Parker

Sr. Director


Kim is our self-proclaimed “CFO”, that’s “Chief Fun Officer”.  Exceptional client service is really what she’s all about.  Always looking for ways to inspire, engage, delight or create a lasting solution or memory.  Kim’s focus on Finance and Accounting for over 20 years has earned her a reputation for identifying game changers that make the difference.  Her word and promise mean everything as she listens to your needs and provides you the talent you deserve.

Kim thrives on collaboration and TEAM and will always find the best solution to better the situation.  When she was young, she thought she wanted to be a nurse and take care of people.  Realizing that patient “care” is different than people care, she found another way to work with CFO’s and their organizations to take their pain away. 

Kim is proud of her Cypress roots and family.  As an “empty nester” (kids are close by in Aggieland, Whoop!) Kim and Les plan to travel more and play as much pickleball as possible.

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