Duff Bourassa

Managing Director

As the Managing Director for E78 Partner’s Healthcare division, Duff works to partner with our clients to identify and solve their toughest challenges.  Having participated in over 20 M&A transactions within the Dental Industry, Duff has the unique expertise to provide guidance and thought leadership within the DSO space.  Having built a strong reputation in the DSO industry, Duff leverages his network to bring the best technology and operational processes to E78’s clients.   

Previously, Duff was the Vice President of Acquisitions at Xite Practice Sales, providing Sell Side Services in the Dental, MedSpa, Veterinary and Behavioral Health space.  Prior to his work at Xite, Duff owned his own Insurance agency, where he built out risk management programs for his Private Equity and Family office clientele.

Duff currently holds an MBA from the University of Houston and earned his BA in Communications from Texas A&M University (Gig Em!).  Duff resides in Richardson, Texas with his wife Jaquie and their four children.  He can be found on the weekends following his kids sports careers or cooking up award winning BBQ.     

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