John Cataldo

Executive Managing Director

John is a highly accomplished Executive Managing Director at E78, where he co-leads the company’s Cost Management Services (CMS) Group. With extensive experience in managing complex technical projects and optimizing business operations, John is responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of E78’s cost management services.

Through his visionary leadership, John has created a unique value proposition for E78, combining best-in-class managed services and strategic technical advisory to deliver exceptional results for clients. His innovative approach has enabled E78 to create best-in-class practices across a range of key areas, including Cloud, Mobility, Unified Communications, and Advanced Infrastructure.

With his proven track record of success, John is a highly respected leader in the industry, capable of driving innovation and delivering exceptional results for his clients. His vision and strategic direction have been instrumental in positioning E78 as a leading provider of cost management services, with a strong reputation for delivering value and driving growth.

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