Daniel Shin

Chief Operating Officer

Dan serves as the Chief Operating Officer of E78 Partners. Dan is a data-driven executive with a deep finance and analytics background spanning multiple industries and contexts.  Although Dan has managed some of the most complex data & analytics infrastructures, his ability to simplify finance and analytics organizations and optimize functional workflows to produce actionable insights and recommendations is second to none.  Dan understands the power of
information and has spent the better part of his career transforming organizations to partner with enterprise stakeholders to enhance business outcomes.

Previously, Dan was the co-founder and COO of Cadilus Inc., a leading FP&A consulting firm serving the middle markets.  Prior to his role at Cadilus, Dan held multiple leadership roles within Fortune 500 retail, including Nordstrom and Bed Bath and Beyond.  He also previously worked in pharmaceutical consulting developing advanced analytics products for Crossix Solutions, a life sciences analytics company that was recently acquired by Veeva Systems.  

Dan currently holds an MBA and MSF from the Simon School of Business.  In addition, Dan 
earned a BA in Political Science and BS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Rochester.

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