Case Studies

Middle Market Manufacturer Reduces Reliance on Key Customer and Restores Core Customer Base

Mentoring the Technology and Cyber Leader in a Public Company Pre-Acquisition

Medical Device Company Improves Financial Management to Ensure Continued Growth

Manufacturing company turns supply chain into a competitive weapon

Manufacturing Company Reduces Product Liability and Costs Resulting in Improved Brand Reputation and Profitability

Manufacturing Company Rebuilds IT Group to Support Next Phase of Growth

Manufacturing Company Provides Owner with Transparency in its Operations by Dramatically Reducing Time to Close Books

Manufacturing Company Improves Safety Record through Active Intervention, Resulting in Lower Employee Turnover, and a Renewed Focus on Growth

Manufacturing Company Engages E78 to Define Changes Needed to Keep Pace with Rapid Growth 

Manufacturing and Distribution Company Restructures Debt Agreement

Manufacturer Gains Pricing Power and Operational Efficiencies Following Acquisition of UK-Owned Facility

Manufacturer Facing Global Competition Adopts Lean Processes to Improve Cash Flow and Margins