NetSuite Health Check

Enhances Business Efficiency with Comprehensive NetSuite Health Checks.

E78 Partners understands the common challenges that businesses face with ERP implementations, particularly when it comes to NetSuite. 

With over half of ERP implementations not reaching their full potential, E78 Partners recognizes the importance of addressing issues like poor user adoption, underutilized features, and rapid company growth. These challenges can lead to manual data processing, system performance problems, and subpar ROI, ultimately hindering accurate financial decision-making.

To tackle these issues, we offer comprehensive NetSuite Health Check services, leveraging our team of NetSuite Experts. This service involves a thorough evaluation of the existing NetSuite setup to identify areas for enhancement and operational optimization. Our specialists conduct a comprehensive analysis of the NetSuite account, providing recommendations for best practices, system configurations, and workflow improvements. The goal is to ensure that the NetSuite implementation aligns seamlessly with the company’s objectives, boosting efficiency and effectiveness. 

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NetSuite Health Check Process

Discovery & Pre-Consultation

We learn about your needs, your NetSuite configuration, and much more.

Assessment & Evaluation

A comprehensive examination encompassing configuration, security, data integrity, customizations, and more.


We'll assess your configuration to pinpoint underutilized functionality and optimization potentials.

Planning & Implementation

We'll provide a concise overview of significant findings and essential enhancements to elevate your NetSuite experience.

By conducting regular NetSuite Health Checks, businesses can uncover inefficiencies, streamline processes, and elevate overall system performance. These assessments play a pivotal role in maximizing the return on ERP system investments. Our approach emphasizes the importance of maintaining a well-tuned operational environment, ensuring that NetSuite serves as a powerful tool for informed financial decision-making. 

☑️Make quick changes to optimize productivity

☑️Develop long-term business goals using an optimized ERP

☑️Implement procedures to achieve those goals

☑️Look at other solutions you may be using

☑️Ensure your procedures are more efficient

☑️Give you the right information at the right time

How Our NetSuite Health Check
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