Forecasting, Planning, and Analytics

Services and solutions to optimize business performance, deployed as a strategic operating partner, enabled by technology

We work with a range of industry-leading firms.

How we help

Positioning operational FP&A at the center of business performance management and optimization.

FP&A is unique in that when organized as a front-office operating partner, the team becomes integrated across the entire organization, leading to the development of a deep, interconnected enterprise perspective.


Operationally-driven forecasts give stakeholders confidence in what’s changing in the business and what results can be expected.


Robust business planning helps stakeholders think through and make decisions that enable target results to be delivered.


Regular analytics provide clarity around what’s actually driving business performance, and what the impact of alternative choices might be.

Who we are

We are your workforce competitive advantage.

The ability to support internal teams with specialized skills and expertise— from on-demand provisioning to access to the best talent in the nation—dramatically increases overall team agility, pace, and capability. Not to mention, reduced overall hiring, training, and termination costs.

Recruiting Excellence

We recruit elite, US-based talent to build diverse teams with deep and diverse operational FP&A and industry experience.

Training & Development

We implement rigorous FP&A training and development programs to continuously develop leading FP&A expertise.

Operational Standards

We set high delivery team standards predicated on delivering a best-in-class operating partnership experience.

What we do

FP&A services tailored to fit the unique needs of your business.

FP&A Managed Services

FP&A Managed Service

Our exceptionally talented delivery resources integrate as an extension of your existing team, delivering ongoing operational forecasting and planning & analytics as your outsourced FP&A operating partner.

FP&A Tech Service

Our data transformation services are designed to integrate, organize, and transform operational data into high-value, driver-based forecasts, plans, and analytics.

FP&A Consulting Services

Forecasting, Planning & Analytics

We help our clients on a project-basis to develop the FP&A capabilities to evolve their finance organizations from back-office support functions to front-office operating partners. We build, align, and transition world-class processes and playbooks to your internal team.

Business Transformation

Our most experienced experts work alongside our clients to perform operational performance assessments, design winning strategies and business models, implement scalable operating models, business reviews, and performance management systems.

FP&A Talent Services

FP&A Talent

Organizations are increasingly adopting more flexible ways to address their workforce needs. Whether you need an individual or a team, we provide access to elite, on-demand talent to support special project initiatives, rapid response needs, and interim vacancies.

Explore FP&A

We are an expert team of FP&A operators serving our clients when they need us, how they need us.

E78 is an enterprise FP&A services company and operating partner offering a full suite of consulting and managed services to help organizations manage and optimize business performance.

Download our practice area playbook to explore the business case for operational FP&A adoption in your organization and see how E78 can help to manage your business performance while delivering immediate value with the power of operational FP&A.  
Our approach

Tailored FP&A services designed to meet your needs.

Our exceptionally talented delivery teams serve as an extension of your existing finance team and offer end-to-end support as your outsourced FP&A operating partner.



We gain an in-depth understanding of your business by asking incisive questions designed to get to the heart of your needs.



Our discovery continues with a comprehensive analysis of your FP&A function to identify acute areas of opportunity.



From there, our team works with you to develop a strategic plan and assign the necessary resources to execute on your goals.

Case studies

Client successes

We have developed deep expertise operating across dozens of industries with companies ranging from $10M to $15B in annual revenue. Measured by tangible business outcomes, we are continually focused on delivering value for our clients.

Metro Corp Media cut costs, increased revenue, and reduced debt with the FP&A Elite Managed Service Package from E78 Partners

First Source achieves “big-company quality” for financial modeling and forecasting, directly improving planning, operations, and decision making

“With E78, forecasting has been about as good as it can be. It has been a real benefit to the organization. There are fewer surprises, which helps everybody up and down the reporting chain. E78 has been transformative.”

—Rick Corcoran Jr., Partner, Slate Capital

E78 Partners’ FP&A solution enables greater strategic thinking, operational discipline, and better decision-making to drive performance.