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E78 Staff

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The Challenge

AmeriFleet Transportation Solutions faced challenges with its data management system, making it difficult to collect and organize data effectively. This led to outages, frustrated users, and delayed reports, causing issues for their finance team, who needed timely and reliable data to close the month. Their current system required a more precise vision to guide ongoing investment and resources for maintaining their existing system.

The Solutions

To address these challenges, E78 Partners Technology Teams developed a long-term plan to improve AmeriFleets data management system.
E78 brought in a senior data architect who partnered with business stakeholders, and IT teams to build an enterprise data strategy plan and implementation plan. They established cross-functional teams to identify areas where AmeriFleet needed better reporting and more reliable data. This helped them develop a vision for their data warehouse that aligned with their long-term growth objectives.

E78 Partners developed an exhaustive data model for their existing reporting environments to ensure their data warehouse would align with their long-term growth objectives. They captured detailed requirements for tactical priorities and established SLAs agreed on by IT, finance, and operations on data uploads and report refreshes. They also developed a longer-term strategy for aligning systematic functionality with their company growth objectives for the data warehouse, including operational and analytical data stores. Finally, we established integration standards that were robust and extendable by internal teams.

The Results

The results of these improvements were significant. AmeriFleet got more accurate and timely reporting, which helped them make better business decisions. They had a more efficient and reliable system aligned with their long-term growth objectives. This allowed them to manage their resources better and focus on providing their customers the best possible service. Overall, the improvements helped AmeriFleet establish a stronger foundation for its data management system, setting them up for continued success in the future.

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