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E78 Staff

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A person or individual that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking, often by introducing an element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way.

We’ve spent a good deal of time studying game changers here at E78. We’ve uncovered the secrets to their success, how they developed a game changer mindset and exactly why they’re so valuable to a team. We conclude our game changer series by digging into how to become a game changing LEADER in your organization. Leaders shape their teams and organization.  Great leaders show integrity, the ability to delegate, communication skills, self-awareness, courage and respect.  They are natural problem solvers, they make decisions quickly, and they can expertly identify the potential in others. These qualities are plentiful in a game changer, but they are…well, game changing.  We’ve identified a few skills that we believe are essential for truly game changing leaders:

  • They’re great storytellers.
    The value of a good story is limitless.  Leaders know where they or their organization came from and know where they’re going.  They also know how to articulate it in a way that encourages, excites and is full of passion.  They’re very, very good at telling you their story, the story of the organization and how or why it means so much to them.
  • They’re crazy disciplined.
    We mentioned before how game changers are pros at identifying others’ potential. This skill extends to identifying potential for the organization AND the work necessary to realize it. Not only that but they are able to put rigorous, disciplined processes in place to make it happen. Game changers don’t stop until the work is done and their purpose is achieved.
  • They prioritize collective leadership.
    Game changing leaders know they can’t do everything on their own.  They need a strong, talented team with mutual accountability and collective leadership to lead the way to success.  Game changing leaders also invite high-performing employees throughout their organization to participate in high-level decision making, not just the C-suite.
  • They have a game changing talent strategy.
    If you’re doing #3 right, you’ll have a head start on this one. Game changer strategy is inclusive, focused and transparent. The company culture will inform your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and build an internal network of employees. Game changing leaders encourage and celebrate continuous learning, career growth and personal development at all levels.
  • They reward the right things (and the right people).
    Game changing leaders work tirelessly to lead their teams to success. They align purpose, performance and principles.  They create metrics, budgets, campaigns and everything in between to get across the finish line. They provide a reward system that encourages those who propel the organization forward, who embody the purpose of the project and drive important milestones.

At E78, we find Accounting & Finance Game Changers.

E78 is YOUR game changer.  We work with you to define what success looks like for you and your business and we turn that into a compelling story to attract game changing talent. We work to identify and develop game changing talent strategies and create a consistent evaluation framework for assessing candidates and aligning your stakeholders. This is the kind of support and guidance you need to identify and land game changers.

Whether for a permanent position, or an interim or project staffing need, we have a truly global view of the talent market. We don’t miss great candidates, so you can be assured that our “short-list” includes the game changers you need. Finally, you’ll be confident that each candidate you hire will be the best available in your market.

E78 Partners is your trusted resource for interim, project and direct-hire game changers that maximize the capabilities and capacity of your accounting and finance department through challenges and change.


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