Case Study

Acquisition of a Company to Expand Global Presence and Distribution Channel



Client Situation

A travel company was recently acquired by a multinational company. As a result of the acquisition, the company was asked to convert over to the parent organization’s SAP ERP management information system for finance. The acquired company needed to ensure the ERP transition would effectively accommodate the local company’s discrete business needs, and to incorporate a strong plan to execute this crucial integration. An effective integration plan was critical to maintain well-functioning business operations and achieve business goals. 


A NextLevel executive led a strategic planning process that included a thorough analysis and documentation of the acquired company’s finance system requirements to transition to the SAP system, and facilitated integration planning and execution of the plan with expert resources, inclusive of SAP training and system modifications.


Management was able to use the integration process as the basis for identifying and implementing key modifications, such as capturing unique business services and reporting, as well as aligning business processes and reporting with the multinational parent requirements. As a result:

  • The organization integrated the local business processes and associated reporting in the finance system solution successfully
  • Corporate functional requirements and performance expectations were maintained during the integration
  • The organization gained new skills to support long-term success for the combined business

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