Specialty Dental Service Organization seeks back-office infrastructure to support exponential growth

The client

The Specialty Dental Platform (SDP) was a private equity-backed, specialty dental service organization that provided administrative and business support services to endodontic practices across the United States. They reached out to E78 Partners to implement scalable solutions that supported the company’s rapid growth.

The SPD experienced a 15x rapid growth over the span of a 3-year period. They needed a solution that could scale resources across multiple functional areas, including accounting, finance, HR and IT.

The challenge

The SDP was a startup company with no back-office infrastructure in place to support the practices that affiliated with them.

As it grew rapidly by acquiring an additional 50 endodontist practices over a three-year period, it needed systems and processes that could support the unique needs of a multi-site healthcare service.

E78 delivered experienced resources on-demand by implementing best in-class processes and leveraging enterprise software solutions to support their rapidly growing and changing business environment.

The solution

E78 partnered with the SDP’s PE sponsor and developed a 100-day plan to support the acquisition of the three practices that established the SDP.

E78 Partners then went beyond the initial 100-day plan to provide additional solutions and services.

  • Developed a 100-day integration plan for the Office of the CFO
  • Established an integration management office (IMO) that supported the seamless integration of newly affiliated practice
  • Dedicated five resources to the SDP, including contract CFO, controller, FP&A Director, HR Director and analyst
  • Centralized major functional areas, including treasury, vendor management, accounting and HR
  • Developed professional reports and dashboards for monitoring acquired assets and preserving value during transitions (KPI dashboards, 13-week cash flow forecasts, and budget and board decks)
  • Onboarded the SDP’s platform practices, as well as eight additional practices and more than one hundred additional employees since the initial closing

The result

E78 reduced the time to value by delivering a back-office infrastructure that was built for multi-site healthcare service organizations.

“E78 has positioned itself as the leading solution provider to the DSO industry. The firm’s strong domain expertise, senior-led and experienced teams coupled with Its comprehensive suite of back-office services and technology-enabled solutions are the main reasons why we chose to work with E78. E78 is our go-to partner. They not only understand our needs, but they deliver on their promise.”

— Dental Service Organization (DSO) client

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