Case Study

Healthcare company seeks new financial systems to keep up with growing consumer base



The client

At the end of 2019, Liberty Software, Inc. experienced a period of rapid growth that was outpacing their current financial and accounting solutions. As their customer base grew, they needed to implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that would help them streamline their cash flow and mitigate manual errors. Liberty Software reached out to E78 Partners to help find and implement the right solution to meet their needs.

The challenge

Liberty Software used the accounting system QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, and they also had several non-integrated systems for billing, sales order entry, and inventory management. The volume of customers and invoices were increasing much faster than they could keep up with in QuickBooks, creating revenue recognition issues that could no longer be managed in Excel spreadsheets. The time had come to seek a more integrated ERP system as well as a more streamlined order to cash process.

The solution

The CEO of Liberty Software, Inc. asked E78 Partners to assist with finding the right ERP system. With Oracle NetSuite already in their consideration, E78 arranged a demonstration with NetSuite to complete a hands-on evaluation. Upon completion of the demos, Liberty Software felt confident in converting to NetSuite and assigned E78 Partners as the implementation partner.

The result

Although the team experienced some unexpected challenges due to COVID, internal resource constraints and competing implementations, Liberty Software Inc. was still able to achieve a successful go live and was 100% operational on day 1 with the new system. Specific results that were achieved with E78 Partners include:

  • Converted financial data (balance sheet, income statement, and open items) to NetSuite.
  • Recognized revenue to automate the process for different software, hardware, and services revenue streams.
  • Integrated serialized inventory management and sales order processing, which eliminated two previous in-house antiquated systems.
  • Eliminated the manual tracking of goods receipts for invoice payment through Purchase Orders for inventory procurement.
  • Integrated UPS and Avalara to include shipping and sales tax estimates on sales orders.
  • Created advanced subscription invoice forms for NetSuite to achieve a cohesive look with Suitebilling.
  • Developed several workflows, CSV imports and scripts for streamlining processes.
  • Provided revenue recognition guidance for Suitebilling go live, which happened a few months after the ERP go live.

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