Case Study

Large Non-profit Healthcare Services Company Successfully Plans and Executes Headquarters and Data Center Move



Client Situation

This leading not-for-profit healthcare services company had revenues of more than $1 billion and 2.5 million customers and was going through a staffing and cultural transition. 

As its competitive advantage and technology evolved from back-office transaction processes to digital customer engagement, the company culture also changed from largely administrative and clerical to technology-focused professional staff. During this time, the company owned and occupied an older office building in a major city suburb that had an outdated on-site data center. The company was beginning to have trouble recruiting top technical staff and facing cyber-security concerns related to the traditional office and outdated data center.


Facing a $20 million-plus investment to refurbish the office and modernize the existing data center, the company instead decided to move headquarters into the urban core and rebuild the data center using new technology and an offsite hosting location. An experienced strategic and tactical planning executive, now a E78 team member, led planning and a business case development process for the move, then provided executive oversight over the sale of the old building, selection and leasing of the new location, and selection and oversight of the design-build team and process. Additionally, the executive oversaw the technology team-building and migrating all core systems to the new data center. 


The headquarters and data center relocations took place on-time and on-budget. This project represented the largest effort of the company in more than 10 years, and led to improvements in system performance, cyber-security, and disaster recovery, as well as culture improvements in collaboration and creativity.


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