Case Study

Leading an M&A strategy to create value through a diversified holding company



The client

The umbrella company managing a collection of subsidiaries and affiliates delivering construction and engineering services wanted to consolidate their business interests into one company and create a sound acquisition strategy. The company provides building equipment sales, leasing and rentals as well as commercial modular buildings. Founded in 2007, the firm has acquired and leased more than 1,000 modular buildings totaling more than 5 million square feet. They also own 5,000 portable restrooms and 500 diesel light towers. Their end market customers include government contractors and agencies, education and health care companies and special event organizers.

The challenge

Lacking the experience and financial leadership required to create their planned diversified holding entity, the company needed professional advice to consolidate their various business interests and establish financial strategies to drive growth through acquisitions. The goal of management was to focus on businesses in construction and engineering services and/or the selling, leasing or renting of building equipment.

The solution

Engaged by the CEO, E78 served as the exclusive advisor in helping the company achieve their business objectives. In this role, the E78 team:

      • Drove strategic mergers and acquisitions planning
      • Served as the contract CFO
      • Handled lead integration
      • Raised more than $30 million in capital
      • Consolidated five targets, resulting in revenue and EBITDA growth of 100% and 300% respectively
      • Positioned the company for a successful recapitalization that resulted in an IRR and MOIC to shareholders of 91% and 3.7x, respectively (measured from initial engagement through recap of approximately 27 months)

    The result

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