Case Study

Leading Manufacturer Saves $16 Million with Technology Leadership Solutions



Client Situation

This worldwide manufacturer of automated data collection, RFID and mobile computing systems was struggling with the combined challenges of integrating the recent merger of three separate businesses, the need to improve sales and service, improving efficiency and reducing operating costs, and ensuring on-time product delivery to its channel partners.


An experienced IT executive who previously owned a company specializing in ERP implementations, systems integration, and business process development, now a E78 partner, was engaged to serve as the CIO/Vice President Information Systems for the company.  He evaluated the company’s weaknesses and spent 24 months replacing 60 percent of the technology that was running the business. The CIO updated systems that supported the consolidation of factory operations, improved channel management and ultimately provided a single face to the customer. He provided the leadership needed to design and implement an integrated worldwide IT organization spanning the US, UK, Italy, Holland, and Sweden. As an added responsibility, he was also responsible for managing the customer administration and support teams.


The company was able to achieve:

  • A significant improvement in on-time delivery to its channel partners
  • A $16 million annual cost reduction through improved order management and automated product configuration
  • The consolidation of manufacturing operations

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