Case Study

Learn how Avelo Airlines filled key executive vacancies to fuel rapid expansion



When several key executives left the airline in 2021 and 2022, their departures caused a range of understaffing issues in the finance department.

“We tried to fill those positions,” said Stewart Bell, Avelo’s controller, “but it was a very hot job market at the time. That made it impossible for us to find the right people quickly.”

The Solution

Avelo first reached out to E78 Partners with the need to fill a chief accountant position. Within just a few days, E78 Partners provided a replacement, who stayed with the airline until it brought Stewart on board.

It quickly became clear that this replacement was a valued consultant, and Avelo relied on E78 to fill additional roles. 

Learn how E78 filling these critical roles:

  • Supported Avelo’s accounting processes
  • Help Avelo pass year-end audits
  • Enabled them to implement an ERP system


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