Case Study

Luxury Personal Services Provider Gains Control Over Finance Function to Support Business Growth



Client Situation

A luxury personal services provider with $70 million in revenues held a dominant market position with 10 salons/spas and two training academies but lacked the capital and finance leadership to take full advantage of these strengths in a fast-growing economy. Private equity ownership needed CFO leadership to restructure debt, finalize prior year reporting with lenders and government agencies, and strengthen the finance function.


A E78 partner implemented new debt and finalized three year-end audits that identified over $1.4 million of balance sheet adjustments negatively impacting current and prior year income statements. As a result of this work, the lenders required a quality of earnings review which confirmed the $1.4 million of adjustments and finalized compliance with the lenders and government entities. In conjunction with strengthening the finance function, the partner also developed and implemented key performance indicator (KPI) metrics, implemented zero-based budgeting, and developed new reports that measured KPI performance against both prior year and the new budget.


  • The E78 partner finalized the subsequent year-end audited financial statements and reorganized the finance department achieving a 10 percent reduced annual cost
  • She guided a successful transition to a successor VP of Finance
  • Additionally, the new KPI reporting holds managers accountable and new cash forecasting reduces late fees and penalties by over $500,000 dollars annually

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