Case Study

Non-Profit Social Enterprise Builds Smarter, More Effective Budgeting


The Client

Since 2002, Genesys Works has enabled economically- disadvantaged students by moving them out of poverty and into a professional career. However, with its expansion to 6 entities nationwide, the organization needed a better solution to manage its budgeting and reporting.


The Situation

As Genesys Works outgrew its time-consuming Excel process, the team needed more budget visibility, scenario planning, and overall streamlining.

With six locations nationwide, Genesys Works needed more efficient financial processes and systems to support a consolidated organization. Some challenges included:

  • Exporting NetSuite data into time-consuming “Excel Hell” – 50-tab workbooks for budgeting
  • Low budget visibility into updates and versions
  • Slow budgeting process that required multiple analysts sharing datasheets via email
  • Siloed team members working on related projects, but in separate downloaded files

Key Points


Genesys Works outgrew its time-consuming Excel process.


E78 implemented a more effective, user-friendly budgeting process.


With Workday Adaptive, changing a single assumption cascades beautifully through every budget in the organization.

The Solution

E78 helped Genesys Works implement a more effective, user-friendly budgeting process along with the following:

  • A Single Cloud Solution: Manage, view, edit, & drill down into any aspect of their financial data in one place
  • Easier Forecasting: The leadership team can more quickly and easily compare actuals to budgets
  • Data Integrity: Moving users into the cloud to edit data cuts down on manual calculation errors
  • Budget visibility: Rather than working in silos, various teams can see budget changes in real time
  • Operational efficiency: The company can now share its updates within Adaptive, rather than via email
  • Scenario Planning: Versioning within the platform allows users to build multiple scenarios instantly

The Results

"In our current budget cycle, a substantial expense was higher than expected."

“Prior to Adaptive, I’d go to six different people to change a cell in their Excel workbooks… Now, I change a single assumption and it cascades beautifully through every budget in the organization.” – Amir Yunis CFO, Genesys Works

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