Case Study

Rapidly growing SaaS company optimizes its data to revamp financial strategy, operations



The client

ESO Solutions is a SaaS company in the pre-hospital and emergency department software space to improve community health and safety nationwide.

For over a decade, ESO has connected and empowered emergency service providers through the power of data. After the company closed a Series C round of financing in 2016, the team focused on building a scalable finance framework and effectively growing its product offering.

Faced with a number of projects, including the implementation and optimization of its systems and the development of its finance function, ESO turned to E78’s experience team for a solution. E78 helped streamline operations, reconcile revenue sources, create access to actionable insights and successfully integrate their newly acquired company.

The challenge

ESO grew quickly throughout the years through funding and acquisitions, but their internal financial operations could not scale as fast as the company did. Some challenges included:

    • Effectively managing a Series C round of funding to support significant activity for growth
    • Optimizing the G/L software within NetSuite was priority to maximize financial reporting
    • Organizational support across various levels as they revamped and rebuilt their finance function
    • Streamlining error-prone, manual, and labor intensive process and incorporating best practices
    • Integrating a newly acquired company to account for revenue and scope remaining risks

The solution

E78 helped ESO streamline processes, implement new systems, and develop a reporting package for their leadership team. Our consultants also helped in:

    • Turning technical requirements into Strategy: ESO can better translate custom business specs into strategy
    • Building data integrity: Reduced manual processes cut down on human calculation errors & increase efficiency
    • NetSuite optimization: ESO’s reconfigured NetSuite G/L to better export reports around key business drivers
    • Systems integration: E78 helped design their system – assisting with the unique technical aspects
    • Maintaining operations – Distraction-free: ESO met its deadlines as E78 filled necessary supporting roles
    • Smoother Post-Acquisition Integration: E78 scoped revenue sources, aggregated 50+ datasheets into one and synthesized a cohesive report for the Board
    • Network of solutions: ESO gained access to E78’s broad partner network of service providers & vendors

The result

ESO has since better developed its accounting and financial operations with the addition of integrated tools internally and reporting from its acquisition. E78 helped ESO more smoothly reach its goals by supporting their financial reporting, NetSuite and M&A integrations.

ESO continues to develop its service offering through its Series C and further acquisitions. They have been an Inc. 5000 recipient for five straight years, a regular on the Austin Business Journal’s Fast50, a 2015 Best Places to Work winner, and part of the Austin’s Tech100.

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