Satellite Communications Company Establishes New Infrastructure; Sells Division for $1 Billion

Client Situation

A satellite communications company was working to carve out and sell one of its major operating units, the Satellite Division, and then re-launch the remaining organization as a new business enterprise. The company needed to separate its intellectual property, establish a new technology infrastructure for both organizations, and reduce IT costs for the remaining organization.


A E78 partner joined the company and managed the negotiation and separation of intellectual property across a variety of information systems, including email. He established a new technology infrastructure for the Satellite Division, and moved all communication and financial solutions for the remaining organization to the Cloud to reduce system, maintenance and personnel expense. In addition, he maintained a high level of communication across both organizations as tensions increased and requirements conflicted with the impending transition.


  • The company was able to complete the carve-out and sale of its Satellite Division to Dish Networks for $1 billion while establishing a new system infrastructure for the remaining organization

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